Quickie Review: Brunch Fight

Walter J Lyng and Leighland Beckman team up again for  special Fringe edition of Night Fight. What is Night Fight you ask? A night time talk show where the Top 38 and Walter playing with knives is always a big deal…. And amusing!

Jon Bennet and Walter J. Lyng

Jon Bennet and Walter J. Lyng

This Fringe Edition was called Brunch Fight. Yes, what better way to spend the Saturday before the last day of Fringe. Noon was the time and we all entered to find a buffet of sausages, eggs and potatoes. The muffins were AMAZING! He even had drinks such as ceasars and mimosas.

With full tummies the show started with Leighland’s intro song, Night Fight. Walter had two guests: Jon Bennet and Victoria Laberge. Jon did what he does best and that’s tell stories. It’s funny because he started off by saying he didn’t want to tell a story but when you’re a natural, it comes to easily. Victoria Laberge was the musical guests and played us some of her cute songs.


Now the best part for me, which I’m sure most didn’t see happening,  was Walter making Ceasars in the Clamato bottle. Me and my buddy Theo we’re dying while everyone else was listening to Jon Bennet. Hilarious Walter.

Walter is a fine host and the whole idea of a night time talk show at noon is priceless.  Leighland is a great sidekick and adds that extra bit of tomfoolery at the right moment. Maybe not as serious or as touching as some of the other shows going on at Fringe but Brunch Fight definitely embodied the spirit of the festival. I hope you guys do this again, very soon. I will be there.

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