She The People is Coming to the Montreal Just For Laughs Festival

She The People is a sketch comedy show entirely created, designed, and performed by the fearlessly funny women of The Second City in Toronto. After a successful run in Chicago, DC and Toronto, the ladies are coming to the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

I chatted with the director and writer of the show Carly Heffernan. Carly is an award-winning writer, director, actor and improviser. She is an alumna of the Second City Toronto where she wrote and performed in four main stage revues. This latest Second City revue, She The People, has been getting rave reviews all around and sounds like something the world needs a little more of.

The show had a successful run in Chicago, DC and Toronto was no different. Being Carly’s hometown, it was a delight to see the Toronto audience embrace and love the show she wrote and directed. Next stop Montreal.

JB: After a successful run in Chicago and Toronto and rave reviews, how excited are you to bring the show to the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal and what does it mean to you?

CH: We are so excited. It’s unbelievable. The Just For Laughs Festival is such an amazing event to be apart of. Meeting new comedians and the food. Did I say we’re excited? The whole crew and I love Montreal so much. We’ll be performing at the Centaur Theatre which is down by the Old Port and all the food. We are so excited to eat all the food Montreal has to offer.

I know there are some interactive parts of your show and scenes that are specific to the city its in. How will you be adjusting them for the Montreal audience?

Yes, we have adjusted certain scenes to speak to Montrealers. I know there’s a little French somewhere in there so I’m sure that will resound with Montrealers. We know Montreal audiences have a different type of flavour and we’re ready.

She The People: A girlfriends’ guide to sisters doing it themselves seems like a book let alone a show the world can really use right now. Why do you think its’ been doing so well?

The #MeToo movement for sure helps. All those stories coming out really put a light on what women are experiencing but we need to keep shining the spotlight on it. I feel this show continues to do that. I think though the cast works so hard to bring the characters and show to life that really they are the reason why it’s so successful.

Will you write another all-female revue with a topic that’s not necessarily about women?

Yes, I think we are seeing more and more women and people from minority communities in positions like this. I went to watch A Sketch Comedy Extravaganza Eleganza which was all queer forward revue and I loved it. So for sure, I would love to work on another project like this.

The show is written by women, directed by a woman, acted out by women, it’s very women focused and about women, are men welcome to come to see the show? Do you encourage them to come to see the show?

Yes, of course. I like to say “By Women, For All”. We invite everyone to come and enjoy the show. There’s a lot of female jokes and stories that ladies will relate too. But there’s also lots satire and satire can’t be told without the truths so I think it’s a show for all to see no matter your background.

If you could describe your writing/directing style as a pastry, what would it be?

A buttery, buttery croissant with a little bit of ham and cheese in the middle


*This interviewed was transcribed and edited for publishing

If you take away anything from this show is that everyone should feel free to express themselves, woman, man, queer or chair. Come and experience the show that has been thrilling audiences everywhere it goes.

You can catch ‘She The People: A girlfriends guide to sisters doing it themselves’ at The Just For Laughs Festival from July 22nd to the 27th. Get your tickets before they are gone!



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