This is how you kick off #JFL42

I kicked off my JFL42 week with two great shows. Dave Attell and Tim Minchin. Two acts that have reputations to boast. The perfect way to start a comedy festival.

I started my laughs with Dave Attell at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre. I hadn’t seen him yet so I was very pleased to knock him off my bucket list.

He is everything I expected and more. He is a comics comic for a reason. His knowledge and command of the English language allows him to throw in subtleties, taking his jokes to a whole other level. I love the way he announces every topic before his bits with no shame. Balls, woman, Québec or blow jobs, he’s got a proper joke about everything.

Tim Minchin was back from 2 years on Broadway, and it was like he never left. I have only seen his musical performances so seeing him do stand-up as well finished the puzzle in my head. Are you a musician or comic? He is absolutely both. He opened with his classic song about Prejudice which got uproars and applause. The secret behind Minchin is that he is a great story teller and an even better pianist. He is able to take your emotions and bring them up, down, make you think,  laugh and cheer all at the same time. Being a musician myself, I know the time, patience and dedication it takes to reach that level.  Bravo!

JFL42 is going on right now so if you don’t have a pass, what are you waiting for? Go to JFL42 for all the info and follow @JFL42 & #JFL42 on Twitter for all the updates!

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