LAURIA releases new single MY LOVE

Montreal-based singer Florie-Laure “LAURIA” Zadigue Dubé is back with her third and latest release. Contrary to your typical Valentine’s Day love song, My Love is about the pain, hurt and anger that love can bring.

A sensual rhythm for late nights spending time appreciating the subtleties of music in the style of The Weeknd, LAURIA’s newest single is different from her first two pop-centered bops, but just as committed to Lauria personal style.

Fans of the recent trends of pop meets trap will appreciate this latest offering. Her first singles Losing Me and I Got Me were soft pops songs, written for the average girl going through heartbreak. My Love is all about preventing the heartbreak: the sensuality in a woman’s confidence that can be heard in the instrumentality of the song, everything anyone’s looking for in a late night bop.

When I write a song it’s about a feeling, even if it isn’t mine. I want to writeworks that are relatable to people’s own experiences.” – LAURIA

From the church choir to the pop/reggae fusion band NewDayz, LAURIA has honed her voice and style to arrive to this moment where she is now ready to launch her solo career.

I’m happiest in front of the microphone when I know we’re turning a small idea into something that will matter. Every time I leave a recording session, I feel euphoria. – LAURIA

Written and composed by LAURIA, My Love marks the beginning of a busy year.



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Twitter : @therealLauria

Available on iTunes, Spotify and Google Play.

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