Numbers Increase As We Count…

Nowadays, we have at our disposition a crazy amount of pictures to search through. Even without taking the extra step to visualize a situation, we have the media that will show us the image and not only that, but we also have professionals going overseas and capturing the post-war living situations abroad.

Most of the time, we swipe through images without considering or thinking further than the picture. This is without making the analysis of what we are looking at to realize that these people exist. It’s their reality, their struggle and it’s more than a photograph it’s only a glimpse of the suffering. An extremely short perception of their story.

“Numbers Increase as We Count…” is an interactive presentation using various forms of discipline to immerse  the audience into the reality of the citizens  of Iraq. Ülfet Sevdi explains that the main base is to understand that the victims are more than numbers. Through various photographs, visuals, sounds and audio you get into an intense powerful moment where you sit and think beyond the images. She mentioned to me, sometimes you don’t need to tell the story in a conventional theatre style. After only seeing one scene, I can not only agree with that statement but also I do believe that it is a great way to get people to feel the message in a powerful way.

After four years of research and hard work, it is finally out at the MAI from February 27th until March 2nd.

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