Let’s Talk Chicken Montreal!

Montreal is a city obsessed with chicken. Bring a friend from out of Quebec to your favourite rotisserie and the first words out of their mouth will most likely be, “What am I supposed to do with half of a toasted hamburger bun?”

Now, everyone has their favourite place. From the absolutely mainstream St-Hubert (but ohh the sauce), to the off-the-beaten-path greasy spoons, to the fame-starved Laurier BBQ, it appears there’s no wrong way to cook a chicken in this city – but there are  a million options on where to go!

Well, in case you’re from another planet (or another city), here’s a few:


This is traditional rotisserie. Serving customers since 1944 (with an interior that doesnt appear updated since that time), the service is quick and the food delicious. I’m not shocking anyone by putting it on my short list, but there’s nothing wrong with a classic – and if you go during the week at lunch, a very reasonable price!



Up on the main, you’ll find Romados by following your nose and the long line. There’s nowhere to sit and you’ll have to wait, but those compromises are all absolutely worth it. This is a world of flavour, with Portuguese spices, fries and salad. It’s all thrown into a box (cuz who doesn’t love warm salad) that’s bursting with flavour. You can even watch the roasters at work through a viewing window on Rachel.



Here we’re going off the rails a bit. Across from Alexis Nihon you’ll find this unassuming hole in the wall joint. With unusual hours, Sparta brings greek spices to it’s rotisserie chicken and with souvlaki and healthy dollops of tzaziki, it makes for a hearty, juicy and flavourful meal that’s also halal – so everyone can enjoy!



Each of these locations also delivers!

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Donald Rees is a Montreal based performer and co-founder of Brave New Productions and Brave New Comedy.

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