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A Colourful 33rd edition of Black History Month for 2024!

Montreal, January 25, 2024 – The Round Table on Black History Month is launching its programming for the 33rd time, which is intended to reach an ever-growing audience throughout Quebec. Content creator and actor Tailaire Laguerre (AKA Tai TL) will be the Francophone spokesperson, in tandem with meditation teacher, writer, and podcast host Fimo Mitchell who will serve as the English-language spokesperson.

Tailaire Laguerre wanted to be a spokesperson for Black History Month because he sees it as “a great opportunity to use [his] platform for a meaningful cause: amplifying the voices and stories of Canada’s Black communities.” He sincerely believes “in the power that laughter, storytelling, and creativity have to inspire change and unity,” all of which are facets he would like to emphasize in his role as spokesperson this year.

As “spokesperson for these remarkable laureates,” Fimo Mitchell hopes that together we can leverage “our collective resilience and resources to drive positive change for our community.” He is committed to “champion our stories and the vision we hold for a more empowered and connected future.” Mitchell also reiterated the importance of celebrating “our history and vibrant tapestry of experiences,” and calls for us to “recognize that unity is our strength.”

“Every year, Black History Month is a wonderful opportunity to collectively celebrate the accomplishments of members of Québec’s Black communities. Thanks to their talents and commitment, they have been contributing to the social, cultural and economic development of Québec for centuries. I encourage Quebecers of all origins to learn about the history of these communities and to participate in the various activities organized by the Round Table on Black History Month in every region of Québec. Let’s take advantage of this opportunity to build and strengthen the ties that unite us!”Christine Fréchette, Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration.

Like every year, the Round Table on Black History Month produces and distributes a free annual calendar that highlights the laureates for that year. For this edition, the 12 laureates were photographed by Kevin Calixte. You can discover each of the laureates as individuals: poet, essayist, novelist, and editor-in-chief of Kola Magazine, H. Nigel Thomas; the founder of Quebec’s first cycling school, Papa Amadou Touré; leadership mentor and champion for young people Kathy Roach; Radio-Canada musical revelation of the year and one-of-a-kind artist Joseph Sarenhes; classical singer in the Orchestre symphonique de Montréal Chorus Frédéricka Petit-Homme; journalist, content creator, and founder of the Institut NEOQUÉBEC, Cyrille Ekwala; founder and director of the Black Healing Centre, Samantha Nyinawumuntu; meditation teacher, writer, and podcast host Fimo Mitchell; vice-president of Fonds 1804, director of the Académie de leadership Louverture-Mandela, and author, Arcelle Appolon; one of the Montreal International Jazz Festival’s musical pioneers, singer, songwriter, and percussionist Vovo Saramanda; strategic advisor specialized in police reform and PhD in ecological economics and sustainable development Ibrahima Gassama; and singer-songwriter, lawyer specialized in media law, and founding member of Montreal group Bran Van 3000, Stephane Moraille.

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