“How did a virtually unknown British comedian James Mullinger (who is headlining at Montreal’s Comedyworks this weekend) outsell Jerry Seinfeld and Guns N Roses at a stadium arena in New Brunswick? He tells us in his own words…”


As some of you will know I moved from London, England to Saint John, New Brunswick two years ago. It was a move motivated by the desire for a better life, a quieter life and a happier life for myself and my family. It was certainly not a career move and many people in Canada had warned me that my comedy career would flounder in the Maritimes. Thankfully they turned out to be wrong and even though the huge life change was driven by quality of life, it actually turned out to be something of a career move with things really taking off for me in New Brunswick. I have written at length about this for Mobtreal before (Link:

Many things happened in my first year living here, but the most unexpected was that a big budget British film was made about my life with James Buckley from The Inbetweeners playing me and comedians such as Mike Ward, Derek Seguin, Jimmy Carr, Mike Wilmot, Pete Zedlacher, Gina Yashere and many more playing themselves. You can read the full story of how this happened here:


None of this however prepared me for what happened last month. Somehow I sold out Harbour Station stadium arena in Saint John, the biggest venue in the province. Two years ago when I moved here, I was told I wouldn’t get any work as a comedian and last month I sold more tickets than Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Jeff Dunham, Def Leppard and Alice Cooper when they played the same venue.

How did a completely unknown jobbing comedian do this? Simple. Hard work and the support of the lovely people in a small city. This wasn’t a victory for me, although it is very lovely. It is a victory for Saint John. And for self-employed people and comedians everywhere trying to make a go of it.

London ate me alive. Saint John brought me back to life. Small cities will do that. I had no big plan coming here. I had no big team behind me. I had no Canadian TV credits or festival credits. I had nothing except some jokes and a work ethic. I just came here, took every gig I could (whether they were in a basement or a vineyard or a mop closet), did good work, people liked what I did and they came out in their thousands to support. It’s that simple. And anyone could do this. I am not special in any way.

I did not spend a cent on publicity or advertising. There was no grand plan behind this. I am not a good businessman. I simply went out and did shows, told jokes audiences liked and people responded to them and spoke with their feet and wallets by coming out in their thousands to see the big show.

I keep being asked how I did it, which I kind of find an odd question. I did it by putting on a show that people wanted to see. You cannot trick people in to seeing a show they don’t want to see with marketing genius. No amount of advertising dollars will bring you 5000 people nor buy you two standing ovations.

My hero (and my all time favourite stand up comedian) Jerry Seinfeld previously held the comedy record for ticket sales at this venue. Somehow I broke it. This wouldn’t be possible in a big city but in a small city in New Brunswick it is. That’s why I live here. And it’s why I will never live anywhere else. Hard work and being good at what you do pays off here.

Curious to see what brought 5% of the entire population of a city to see an unknown comedian with no Canadian TV credits? Well come to Comedyworks this weekend and we will have some fun. The venue might not be as big as Harbour Station but the love and passion I put in to the show will be.

James Mullinger is headlining Comedyworks from June 2nd to the 5th with a superb supporting line up featuring Shawn Stenhouse, Geoffrey Applebaum, Natalie Willett, Derek Seguin and MC Darren Henwood. Book here:

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British comedian James Mullinger was one of the hardest working stand ups in the UK as well as the Comedy Editor for GQ Magazine. He had his own TV show which saw him interviewing the likes of Tom Cruise, Daniel Craig and Cameron Diaz and working with the likes of Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Peters. Since moving to Saint John, New Brunswick in 2014 he has been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award for Best Live Solo Show and a Just For Laughs Award for Best Comedy Show. He has sold out the Imperial Theatre twice, appeared on CBC many times, produced three seasons of his own television series which follows him travelling around Canada performing comedy shows, hosted another series titled James Mullinger's Comedy Boot Camp (which saw him coaching up and coming comedians) and headlined Yuk Yuk’s comedy clubs all over the country. A big budget movie had been made about his life (starring actors from Twilight, Downton Abbey and Notting Hill and comedians such as Jimmy Carr, Gilbert Gottfried, Mike Ward and Pete Zedlacher). Lats month he sold out Saint John's Harbour Station Stadium Arena beating Jerry Seinfeld's sales record in the process. In the past four years James has raised over half a million dollars to help children in need and women affected by violence.

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