Dianne Von Furstenberg, Topshop, Theory, MAJE, and Rebecca Taylor – Festival Mode & Design 2013

I had the privilege of getting access to the first floor Casino de Montreal lounge yesterday, accompanied by blogger Safia Ahmad, and photographer Adam Geraldi. I was viewing the runway from one of the best seats in the house, and minus the sporadic rainfall and being crammed into a terrace with dozens of strangers, things went splendidly! I really enjoyed playing the role of spectator as each label showcased their brand. I must admit, I was a tad concerned for the models, as 6 inch stilettos and a sopping wet runway never usually go well together (or end well for that matter) but despite my worry, all of the models held it together and gracefully made their debuts on the runway for eager eyes to behold.

Photo Credit: Tara Raye

Photo Credit: Tara Raye


This year labels such as Dianne Von Furstenberg, Topshop, Theory,  MAJE, and Rebecca Taylor provided us with undeniably delectable eye-candy to revel in (literally… did you SEE the Ives Martin male underwear models?! Yummy!) Aside from my fixation of attractive male models (*lol*) I observed a recurring theme of little black dresses from Suzy Sheer and Rebecca Taylor as well as others, which are totally versatile in the sense that you can dress them up or down accordingly… you can wear them to the office, on a date, or when you’re bumming around town shopping with your girlfriends! This season’s fashion theme seems to be a dressy/casual  one and a “slick back ponies, minimal eye makeup, with deliciously dark berry lips” kind of appearance.

By Tara Raye

By Tara Raye

Topshop portrays a great example of how to rock the dressy/casual look for this season, with plaid pants paired with leather jackets, grey hoodies over black dresses, as well as many pieces available in an array of different neutral tones. One of my favorite runway performances was from Theory‘s label… I loved how adventurous Theory was with it’s textures of black leather and what looked to be mauve polyester. My only critique for Theory was that I really would have liked to see more from them, as their designs rocked the house!

The “Vintage Love” label was fantastic too… as they broke out of the mold of the shows theme introducing fur vests and jackets paired with “flowy” patterned dresses, sun hats, and leaning toward a flatter, yet classic shoe. Overall a wonderful show, and a great experience.

grace-full-length-shot-mirroredKeep checking back for new posts about my cool experiences in the Mobtreal scene… The fun has just begun!!

-Grace Shaw xo

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