New weekend show has arrived!

I’m excited to say that this Friday at the Comedy Nest is a new show at 10h30pm. The Comedy Nest Presents a night where the host picks the line-up you will see. In essence, they put the show together. It will never be the same because every week is a different host and every comedian has their style and favorites. I will be running the bar like I do on Wednesday nights and if you came to the first show, you’ll probably be invited back for the second one for free.
This week, Dan Laxer kicks off the fun with his bunch of stand-ups. Next week, will be Peter J. Radomski. I know his headliner is David Pryde. 
What else is new and coming your way? How about this. Mobtreal is my new life project. Of course TuJoHaHa will always be my baby but it’s time to make some money. I’m building a team of English and French bloggers that will go out and cover events and festivals in Montreal and around Canada. I have Toronto and Halifax now, meaning I have bloggers there who have joined the mob. However my focus is on Montreal. We are the festival city and I want a strong team to be in place for next year summer. If you are interested or would like to sponsor us, please email me at
I’m looking for serious applicants who I can trust to work independently and can check emails religiously. Knowledge of social media plugins such as Twitter, Foursquare, Facebook is a must as these will be your working tools.
You know the bugger in life is when you’ve found your niche, your calling, what you want to do for the rest of your time on earth and the Universe says: “How badly do you want it? ‘Cuz I’m gonna make you work for it.” The Universe makes it that your only outlet is drugs and alcohol. Your friends and your lover are stuck in their own shit, so you don’t want to dampen their day with your crap. 
“For drinking, 
And smoking, 
They’ll be on your side forever more.
 That’s what friends are for.” 
I’ve always been a very independent person and never call on my peeps for help, even when I should. I know where I get it from now. My mother just had her second stroke in 3 years. Time stops. Life is warped with all the possibilities that can and may come from this. So much stress and anxiety hit me at once, but I was still making yo momma jokes. Always laughing Johanne, even when shit hits an industrial fan. The thought of losing her is just not something I think about or want to deal with. However the reality is, she will be gone one day and I will have to deal with it. Until then, I will keep making yo momma jokes.

Comme ta mère.
I’m happy that she’s out and doing well. You know our immigrant parents worked hard to get here, to give us a better life in Canada and to be proud of our roots. A lot of pride comes from this. So to complain about anything doesn’t come naturally. Unfortunately, my mom takes it to a new level. Telling her kids she’s having a stroke is bothering us. Really? You don’t have to be ashamed of going to the hospital, for growing old or for feeling sick. It’s normal right? Not for parents like my mom. I know I ain’t alone.
All I know is that I love me mom and without her, I wouldn’t be the strong woman I am today. Thank you mother and the world thanks you too.
Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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