Montreal Zombie Walk

Looking for more ways to have fun this October? Want to get more than one day out of that amazing zombie costume you spent so much time on? On October 20th, meet up hundreds of zombies for the Montreal Zombie Walk. Last year, over 1500 un-dead people walked the streets of downtown. If you woke up from a coma and this was the first thing you saw, you would be speechless and would think you’re still dreaming. 

No this is for real. Halloween is one of those “holidays” that individuals get to express themselves without any judgement. You can be who you want to be and be free. Why not get into the spirit a little earlier this year and join the walk?

Last year zombie. Picture by Cyrielle Beaubois

The gathering starts at 12pm on Saturday, October 20th at the Quartiers des Spectacles, metro Place-des-Arts. If you’re not too creative or don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can get zombified on site by the pros for 10$. It’s better to come already in costume as there will be a lot of people. The walk kicks of at 3 o’clock and the direction is Old Montreal. Fantastic.

It’s free for all and everyone is welcome to join the fun. All we ask is that you get in the spirit and dress up! At the end of the walk, the mob heads back to Katacombes for a well deserved beer and chilling time.

For more information and some inspiration, check out Montreal Zombie Walk website for all the details and the Facebook event to invite your friends.

See you there!


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