Time, time, who’s got the time?!

Looks like I do there, right? WRONG!
Running around like the white rabbit in Alice on Wonderland is how I’ve been feeling for the past month. Trying to get Mobtreal of the ground, working 2 jobs to get the cash flow and working on bringing home acts to Montreal. Where do I sleep? In Toronto! 
Really though I’ve come to the point where I must make serious and smart decisions which means sacrifice. But what am I really sacrificing? My liver? I think he’ll understand. What I’m getting at is when you want to do something for yourself, as much as your friends will say they understand, when you don’t show up to party 4 weeks in a row, where’s the understanding then? That’s where I’m at. I love to party and bullshit all day long but comes a point when it’s just too much. And what are you really missing out on? Some drama that you’d have to fix anyways? Memories that you will never remember? Less money? Sacrifice is sounding pretty good right now.

I have had to put my modeling on the back burner. I just don’t have the place in my schedule or the finances to turn down work to walk down a catwalk. That’s why you do it when your seventeen! However, I have completed my goal of walking down the straight line in front of a crowd and it felt awesome. Ticking a goal of your life list is no joke. That’s why putting it on hold feels OK. I will still do photo-shoots whenever I can but as far as events, they always end up during the weekend when I work.  All my time right now is on money and work. I want to be able to pay my bloggers for their work. This will not only encourage them to do a good job but I can attract the serious social media junkies I so very need. The only problem is that four day shifts and 3-4 night ones really kills you at the end of the week. That’s why I gotta go straight home

Discipline girl, discipline.
 I still have some party left in me. Lots. What I have to realize is that partying will ALWAYS be there. People are never gonna stop having a good time. Alcohol ain’t going no where! 
Once again, mother was right.

But I’m here and ready to take the plunge into entrepreneurship and have no life but work for a while. Blogging, networking and laughing the whole way through. The sweet part is that I enjoy what I’m doing and have people who believe in me and are willing to take the plunge with me. That alone is motivation. 
And it feels good
Catch you soon,

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