The Full Line-Up For “The Star Power Variety Hour” Unveiled


Impressionists, singers, comics and more take to the stage for a very special Brave New Productions fundraising night  on September 4th at Mainline Theatre.


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Under Pressure Graffiti Festival

“Under Pressure is the largest and longest running event of its kind all across North America.  Under Pressure is a graffiti festival which focuses on community development, artist empowerment as well as positive youth development through ownership and responsibility of a shared space. Currently heading into its twentieth year, this festival is the longest running graffiti and hip hop festival in existence. The main reason it has been able to be sustained for so long is because it is an event done by the community for the community, everyone who works on keeping it alive does so on a volunteer basis.

The festival takes place over two days, during the first full-week weekend in August. Throughout the two days stages are given over to performers from across the country to keep the crowd lively and the bboy and bgirl battle which always goes down on Sunday afternoon.  There is a kid’s area for the little ones to get creative and a skate ramp set up over the course of the two days for open jams and a competition as well.

It is the efforts of everyone who believes in this festival and this movement that allows us to do the things we do. Thank you for your continued support and we will see you more than once!”


“Under Pressure est le plus ancien festival de son genre encore activité à notre connaissance. Cet événement est un rassemblement qui célèbre la culture urbaine avec pour objectif de développement par l’implication de sa communauté pour faire rayonner les arts urbain à l’échelle locale et Internationale. Cette année le festival célèbrera son 20ème anniversaire grâce à la participation de chacune des personnes qui ont contribuer de leur talent pour le plaisir de la scène Montréalaise Graffiti, Bboys, Bgirls, EMCEE, DEEJAYS.

Le festival se déroule sur deux jours pendant lesquels la rue Sainte Catherine est fermé entre la rue Saint Dominique et Sainte Elizabeth. Au total plus d’une centaine d’artistes local, national et international prennent par à l’évènement pour cette fin de semaine. Au programme la production de fresques sur une près de 13 murs différents, diverses intervention sur le mobilier urbain par des artistes, performances musicale, compétitions de danse, coin pour enfant, atelier initiation, visite guidé etc.

C’est grâce aux efforts de chacune des personnes qui croient en ce festival et ce mouvement qui nous permet de faire ce que l’on fait. Merci de bien vouloir continuer à nous supporter et l’on va se revoir plus d’une fois!”

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Just For Laughs Silicon Valley Panel

During the festival, there’s more than just shows to catch. There’s industry conferences, award shows and panels. So I flipped my switch and went to the Silicon Valley Panel. I had just seen T.J. Miller perform at the Talk of the Fest and I was hooked. So seeing him live and not in a stand-up context was going to be interesting. Continue reading Just For Laughs Silicon Valley Panel


I best summed up COP CAR last week like this: It feels like you’re watching the Coen Brothers and Spielberg collaborate on some lost classic from a previous era. Yeah, that’s some high pedigree right there, but that’s how good this film is.


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