Mike Ward is the new host of JFL Nasty Show

Bobby Slayton has been the host of the Nasty Show for over 20 years. This year, JFL is shaking things up and passing the torch to new host already in town. Mike Ward is a new host of the Nasty Show at this years Just For Laughs Festival.  I couldn’t believe the news when I was reading the email. The news for Mike was “bigger than he could ever imagined”. Continue reading Mike Ward is the new host of JFL Nasty Show

10 Women You Need in Your Entourage

“Photo Credits: Blake Danger Bentley via Flickr”

At times when the hubby and I are watching a movie or TV show, I’ll point out to Clove certain people another race I would love to be friends with, y’know my “White Girl Posse”  if ever we would hit it big in HollyWeird. Certain public figures who would be awesome to have in my entourage. Recently for me it’s been Kristen Wiig. Doesn’t she seem cool as sh*t? A total Dorky Girl and Good Girl mix kind of vibe in my opinion. If there was even an ounce of a chance for us to ever hang out, she’d be my girl.

So, I started to think about my friends from back in the day in high school or hitting the clubs in my 20’s and now in my late 30’s. I got to thinking how all of my girlfriends play a certain role and influence me in some way in my life.

Continue reading 10 Women You Need in Your Entourage

Comedy Works reopened and it’s just the beginning

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for Comedy Works and Montreal comedy fans are feeling more than good. This past weekend, February 5th to 7th, Comedy Works reopened its doors, and it was glorious. From what I’ve gathered the room was full to sold out every night. According to fellow Mobtreal photographer Adam Geraldi, Thursday’s opening night was packed and had a “really cool vibe”, especially with many local comedians coming by to check the new digs out. It seems that vibe continued throughout the weekend. I was able to attend the Saturday’s 8:30PM show, and noted a similar cool, celebratory, and excited vibe. Continue reading Comedy Works reopened and it’s just the beginning

Architect Of Downfall

Have you ever done something in your past that was so horrible you kept it a secret? What if you enjoyed that secret and did it again? What happens when your secret comes back to haunt you? Architect of Downfall is a perfect example of what happens when your bad secrets take revenge on you. Continue reading Architect Of Downfall

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