Ermahgerd! The Montreal Comiccon 2015

Get ready all you comic books, toys, games, sci-fi, horror, anime feens!

The Montréal Comiccon line up is looking awesome especially for Walking Dead and Guardians of the Galaxy fans. There is an expected draw of over 60,000 people at the  Palais des Congrès de Montréal this year from July 3rd to 5th.

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Vengeful Ghosts in the Social Media Machines– “Unfriended”, in Montreal theatres This Week!

Opening today is”Unfriended”, easily one of the best and most innovative films from last year’s Fantasia Fest.”Unfriended” is noteworthy for not being a typical found-footage horror flick and it absolutely blew away expectations when it had its World Premiere in Montreal last year.

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Sacrilegious Sunday at Danger Dulgar Comedy: Easter Edition

This years’ Easter Sunday was an interesting one to say the least. Never mind the fact that I ignored the residual guilt from a youth spent in church and slept in past the point of mustering up the energy to be a chreaster, I then decided to go to Montreal’s home of risqué humour, Danger Dulgar at Bar Bifteck. Talk about sacrilegious. Actually, perhaps I’ve become numb to it from the amount of comedy I devour, but the comics were blasphemy free (surprising considering the holiday) and relatively inoffensive. Mind you, I was not the one that got compared to a comedian’s girlfriend and then told I was less pretty. Continue reading Sacrilegious Sunday at Danger Dulgar Comedy: Easter Edition

Mike Ward is the new host of JFL Nasty Show

Bobby Slayton has been the host of the Nasty Show for over 20 years. This year, JFL is shaking things up and passing the torch to new host already in town. Mike Ward is a new host of the Nasty Show at this years Just For Laughs Festival.  I couldn’t believe the news when I was reading the email. The news for Mike was “bigger than he could ever imagined”. Continue reading Mike Ward is the new host of JFL Nasty Show

Heidi Foss

Called ‘a revelation’ by UK’s ‘The Independent’ and heralded as ‘fantastically intelligent’ by ‘The Globe and Mail’, Heidi Foss is a three time Canadian Comedy Award nominee for Best Female Stand-up in Canada, and has combined her background in theatre with her unusually sardonic perception of everyday life to become a standout presence on the North American comedy scene. Her dry, deadpan delivery has earned her three televised galas as a part of the Montreal International ‘Just For Laughs’ Festival, as well as numerous appearances on CBC radio, television, CBC’s ‘Halifax Comedy Festival’, and on CTV’s ‘Comedy Now!’

In addition to screenwriting, story editing and series development for shows on HBO, FOX, PBS, FAMILY and YTV, Heidi won a Canadian Comedy Award as part of the staff writing team on CBC’s hit series ‘This Hour Has Twenty Two Minutes’ and won a CBC development deal at the 2007 Just For Laughs “Just For Pitching” event. Recently, Heidi signed an exclusive writer-producer deal with ABC Family Channel to develop her own original sitcom series. She is currently writing on a hit pre-school series being co-produced by Disney France called ‘Bali’.

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10 Women You Need in Your Entourage

“Photo Credits: Blake Danger Bentley via Flickr”

At times when the hubby and I are watching a movie or TV show, I’ll point out to Clove certain people another race I would love to be friends with, y’know my “White Girl Posse”  if ever we would hit it big in HollyWeird. Certain public figures who would be awesome to have in my entourage. Recently for me it’s been Kristen Wiig. Doesn’t she seem cool as sh*t? A total Dorky Girl and Good Girl mix kind of vibe in my opinion. If there was even an ounce of a chance for us to ever hang out, she’d be my girl.

So, I started to think about my friends from back in the day in high school or hitting the clubs in my 20’s and now in my late 30’s. I got to thinking how all of my girlfriends play a certain role and influence me in some way in my life.

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