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Food Truck-Apalooza!

Summer is almost over. Okay, that’s not exactly true – but the Just For Laughs festival is almost over – and if you’ve ever dreamed of not only dining on fancy and creative food coming from the back of a truck but have also wished to have an excessive amount of options shoehorned into a very small area, then you need to head out right now the food truck festival organized by the team at Just For Laughs. Continue reading


Comedy Nerd Recommends: Ari Shaffir’s “This Is Not Happening”

Want a break from the traditional stand up style? Like a well told story? Care to hear about some hilariously crazy experiences? You should totally make your way to Montreal’s seedy part of downtown and head to Cafe Cleopatra for Ari Shaffir’s “This Is Not Happening.”

Continue reading

Juste pour le fun

Gabrielle Caron et Frank Grenier 2 fières représentant de leur génération!

Gabrielle Caron et Frank Grenier ont tous les deux eu 30 minutes pour charmer leur public dans la belle salle du Théâtre Ste-Catherine et c’est un pari réussi! Après 2 minutes tu sais que le titre du show: Juste pour le fun! n’est pas seulement juste un titre! Continue reading

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