Spring is in the air

Finally, spring has arrived and the air is light. The elections are over and to the PQ’s surprise, they have lost. Horribly. And there is no coming back. I’m happy that Quebec came together, finally, on this subject and showed not just ourselves but Canada that we are ready to fight for the real issues that make us cringe. To start fixing the real problems in this province and turn a page…. Continue reading


Time to change

If you saw my Facebook post last week, you might think Jo has gone of the hill. No on the contrary, I have finally come back to the road and I want to follow it this time. The path that I have created off the main road with Mobtreal is not going anywhere because this is my hobby, my passion. I love to write and I love to create.  But I need to live and that is something I haven’t been doing properly. Time to change this. Continue reading

sewing machine

Les Coureurs de Jupons !

En marchant aujourd’hui sur  la Promenade Masson, j’ai eu l’opportunité  de découvrir  un magasin rempli de créations de designer exceptionnelle. Celui-ci est inondé de vêtements fabriqué au Québec,  une belle fierté à partager. Chez Les Coureurs de Jupons   on y retrouve  de tout  genre. Continue reading


Mélissa Nepton !

Vous êtes vous déjà demandez ce qu’une tempête de neige pouvait vous empêcher de faire? Bien évidement, la liste est très longue. Une chose est bien sur de mon côté, aller à un défilé de Mélissa Nepton n’en fait pas parti. J’ai eu mercredi soir, l’opportunité d’assister à ce magnifique événement qui prenait place à l’Auberge Saint-Gabriel. Continue reading

Final Version_Puppet_v1_Small

Mainline Theatre Presents “Alex Cross and His Rise To Fame”

Last Friday I caught “Alex Cross and His Rise To Fame” at the Mainline Theatre on St. Laurent the play was directed and produced by a genius who goes by the name of Franco De Crescentis. This was my very first time watching a play at the Mainline Theatre of this nature, and it was this play in particular that sparked my interest in theatrics, causing  a happy spark and stir inside of me, and inspiring me to pursue more theatrical shows to cover for the blog, and for all of you wonderful readers out there! Continue reading


REVIEW: Mobtreal & The Wiggle Room present “DJOKES Unchained”

Last night I returned to The Wiggle Room to check out one of Mobtreal’s comedy shows “DJOKES Unchained”  hosting the show that night was none other than Paul Baluyot, and there was a fantastic line-up of comedians that night, including Andy Tenderloins, Jason Yearow, DoubleXL, Matt Shury,  and headliner Guido Cocomello. Continue reading


REVIEW: Comedy Show at Burritoville

I first got the tip off about this comedy show supposedly going down at Burritoville from my friend, and comedian, Mike Carozza. I’ve been to a lot of new venues recently, Burritoville being one of them, so I was pretty excited. It’s a really interesting venue, and the show was taking place on the second floor. Continue reading


REVIEW: Club PEOPL presents “Peopl’s Comedy”

So last night I went to this really cool venue on Notre Dame O. right off of St. Helene street, you may have been there before, it’s call Club Peopl and I had the pleasure of checking it out. I had no idea what to expect, but as soon as I made my way down the stairs and into the basement area I was pleasantly surprised with the whole thing. I got there a little bit earlier than I anticipated but none the less found my seat (which was a VERY comfortable leather love seat) Continue reading


Headlining Comedy/ Entertainment this Weekend in Montreal

This Saturday February 29th, The Wiggle Room celebrates their very first “Tiki Night” which will feature all sort of wonderful spectacles  such as tantalizing hula girls, ripping surf rock, sailors, mermaids, and last but not least, RUM!  Continue reading

alex cross2

Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame UNCUT

Yes he’s back Montreal and this time he’s showing it all! “Alex Cross and His Rise to Fame” is coming back in March for another run. New costumes, new cast, new set… You get the drift. It’s Alex Cross 2.0! Come and embark on this wild adventure that has been tweaked and is now uncut for you to see.  A rock and roll comedy satire? i’m so down! Medulla Oblongata Productions is the company  behind this project. They consists of a very dedicated creative team and cast who all have strong backgrounds in theatre and film entertainment. Continue reading