Montreal Dépflies get the green light for Comedy Coup


A corner store that sells a variety of goods. They are plentiful in Québec and, unlike convenience stores in other parts of Canada, a dépanneur sells beer. DÉPFLIES celebrates this unique aspect of Québec culture.

We have been watching the comedy Coup Competition with a watchful eye. You know when the Habs win you feel like a winner cuz it’s your team. Well the mob feels the same way about DEPFlies making it not only to the final 5 in the Comedy Coup Competition but b eing so awesome that the CBC just couldn’t say no. Go Nouveau International! Go TSC!! GO Montreal!!!

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Sugar Sammy Winter 2014 Interview

As promised, the full interview with Sugar Sammy that was recorded on November 10, 2014.

Please note this interview was recorded for Mobtreal’s Comedy Corner CKUT 90.3FM segment. You can tune in every Thursday at 6:30pm to listen to Katelynd Kuhar interview great comedians and chat about what they like to drink as well.

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HOT LAP Releases Full Pilot Episode on YouTube


Saturday November 29, 2014 (Toronto) –– HOT LAP is pleased to announce the release of its full pilot episode now available on YouTube: pilot episode running time is 28 mins.

The HOT LAP pilot production episode was filmed with Pro6 Cycles Inc. at Calabogie Motorsports Park May 12-15, 2012. Ten challengers who competed during the event appear in the trailer video clip, including a female rider as a featured action segment. The clip includes three dramatiic crashes plus a special guest appearance from Jordan Szoke, Canadian Superbike Champion as team coach.

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The gift of laughter: A Dose of Sugar Sammy

Incase you haven’t noticed, Sugar Sammy is taking over Montreal.  His handsome mug is pasted all over the metro station walls and on billboards. All of this of course as part of his campaign due to the release of an additional 40,000 tickets for the 35 newly added shows. The new dates are for both his You’re Gonna Rire and his En français svp! shows. What better time for the release of a whole slew of shows than when people are in the mood to be jovial? The dates were added to his schedule for the end of this year until far into the next. Check out his site here for dates and get your tickets ASAP!

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Montreal LGBT Film Festival, Image+Nation, kicks off its 27th edition

Did you know that Montreal is host to an LGBT Film Festival? I just found this out recently myself. Albeit, I’ve only been living here for just over 4 years now; it is still common place for me to discover new dope things about this city, including its many many festivals. Continue reading


Breakout Latin Music Artist Hector Hernandez Announces Campaign


Monday November 17, 2014 (Toronto) – Hector Hernandez, a breakout Latin music artist born and raised in rural Cuba today announced the launch of a new fundraising campaign on the popular crowd funding website

Hector’s career is starting to take off.  His 1st single Feeling Loco is fast becoming a hit in clubs and was recently featured at Miss Universe Canada.  He just released his 2nd original single Lolita Loquita – both tracks are to be featured on the upcoming album & promotional tour, with your help.

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Owner Simon Hanlon and sous chef shucking Oysters

Former Leaside High Football Player Scores Big as Night Manager at McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon

When Sean Leonard, night manager at McSorley’s Wonderful Saloon on Bayview Avenue, told me he was a star running back from 1986 to 1988 for Leaside High School’s football team, the Leaside Lancers, I was skeptical. Sure, he’s got the height, but not the formidable build one might associate with a football player. Too slight for the gridiron it seemed to me. When I asked him about this, Sean stated matter-of-factly: “I was faster than everyone else.” Continue reading


The Dark Comedy Festival is back!

Starting this weekend, the Dark Comedy Festival with some of your darkest comics in the industry! Launched by Rob Mailloux four years ago, the festival has a stunning line up every year and this one is going to be a great one. Not only do we have great like Brain Posehn, Andrew Schulz, Maria Bamford and Kurt Metzger but we also have a some roasting to do!

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Support CKUT 90.3FM

Community radio is so important. It’s where a lot of us discover our inner DJ, where we can tune in and listen to local artists, find out what’s going around Montreal’s indie scene and keep up to date with local comedy! That’s why you need to support CKUT 90.3 FM Continue reading


Review: Force Majeure

Force Majeure (original title: Turist) is a Swedish drama written and directed by Ruben Östlund. The film revolves around a cliché looking family, going on a cliché looking vacation in the Alps. Early in the film,  the father is seen cowardly leaving his family behind, while narrowly escaping a controlled avalanche. Fortunately, not a single person was injured. Unfortunately, the mother is more shaken by his coward act than anything else. Continue reading

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