Comedy Nerd Recommends: Todd Barry “The Final Crowd Work Tour”

Enjoy quick wit and confidence? Like some improvisation with your stand up? Are you in the mood to heckle? Todd Barry’s show is most likely for you.

Seriously though, Todd Barry’s show this year is all about crowd work, meaning he talks to the audience. That is the entire show. Todd Barry brings his special brand of confidence and dry wit to a set that is improvised, funny, and filled with moments of pure joy and magic when everything just falls into place perfectly. Each show is tailored to the audience, how much more unique can you get? While every show that’s repeated during the festival is a bit different, Todd Barry does an entirely new and exclusive show every night.

If you don’t want to be picked on (in a friendly manner) then I suggest sitting upstairs or towards the back from about the 6th row on. Also, if you have a boring job and no sense of humour about it, sit further back. You shouldn’t miss out on the hilarity just because of shyness or boringness.

With only two shows left, tonight and tomorrow July 22 & 23 at 10:30 PM at Theatre Sainte Catherine, you best get on it and get your tickets here quick!

If you go to the show and do the social media thing, don’t forget to #MobIt along with your #JFLMTL hashtag. And for more on the fly recommendations check back here or follow me on twitter @debortoa , do it.



Date Night: The Relationship Show, hosted by Godfrey, is a new type of show this year.

I mean, every summer at the festival, we have themed shows like The Nasty Show and now The Ethnic Show. This year we have a new addition: Date Night.

Hosted by Godfrey, veteran comic who’s been in the game for +20 years, the show dwelled in relationship topics and most things related to being in a relationship.

Joe Matarese was the first comic to go on stage, talking about having a family and dealing with kids. Since I’m a young guy, I don’t think I connected with his material as much as the older crowd did. I mean, they were laughing way harder than me. However, I still found the bit on his kids hilarious, because when he talks about how his kids can be a pain in the ass, we all remember how we were shitty kids at one point in our life as well.

Date Night Joe Matarese

Next up is John Heffron. He’s been on The Last Comic Standing and has also been a best selling author on Amazon. He explored problems you encounter when you have a girlfriend. Very well written material.

Date Night John Heffron

Lynne Koplitz was a one of the best of the night, being a single woman, you expect her to hate on men and belittle us. Hell no. Technically she does belittle us, but she does it in such a clever way. She explains that men are simple, extremely simple, so simple that we’re just shallow, but the punch line comes with how overly complicated women are and the things they expect from men. Honestly, female or male, everybody was clapping hard to her material. There are only 3 things men need from a women. Go see the show to find out what they are. You’ll be surprised and then you’ll laugh and try to not make eye contact with your girlfriend.


Orny Adams was the last comic to come on stage. He’s been to Just For Laughs the past few years. If you’re a big fan of his, you’ll be happy to hear some of his classic material you almost forgot about (towel on the bathroom floor) and some new material. He is just as energetic as every other year and a great way to close the show.


Despite the main theme of the show being about relationships, Godfrey went off theme a few time in between the comics. No complaints. Absolutely no complaints. This guy kills me every time. I mean, the main reason I even went to the show was to see Godfrey. I was really happy that he wasn’t just a shitty host that did one small joke and introduced the next comic. He really spent some good time on stage. If you are familiar with Godfrey, you know he is very energetic and the perfect host for any show.

Anyway, bottom line: Watch this show if you’re a fan of Godfrey, you’re in a relationship OR you’re on a date with a girl.

Scratch that, if you’re on a date with a girl you’re not in a relationship with, be careful at what you find funny lol.

If you’re a fan of Godfrey, you better read the interview Mobtreal did with Godfrey.

Ashutosh K. Gupta

Twitter: @gregariousDAMN

Insta: DeemsMauro


Juste pour le fun

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Open Mic

Comment ça commence?

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Contest: Just For Laughs The All Star Show

What’s that you ask? Just what it says.

Remember when you saw that amazing comedian at Just For Laughs and you talked about him for weeks and even months after the festival was over? Well you’re in luck! They are back in a all new show: The All Star Show!  Featuring some of the best comedians #JFLMTL has ever had. What are you waiting for? Buy your tickets today!

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