There IS something funny going on!

Yes there’s not something funny going on all the time in life but sometimes, just sometimes, you can always find laughter at the same place.  This place is Blue Dogs on Monday night where There’s Something Funny Going On produced by Emma Wilkie and Rashta Kruger.

Rashta Kruger, Boss Jo and Emma Wilkie

Rashta Kruger, Boss Jo and Emma Wilkie







Monday night was the Fringe Edition and a great line up for you guys to see.

Rodney Ramsey
Andrew Searles
Jess Salomon
Alon Azimoz
Kuba Kierlanczyk
JC Surette
Franck Chevrier
Jacob Greco
3 Players One Soul (improv)

Hosted by Emma Wilkie

Between work and Fringe there is no time left to do much. But because the FRINGE is so smart and everything is so close to each other, I was able to skip from the Wiggle Room to the Blue Dog Motel, in time  to catch the last half of the show. WOOHOO!
Here’s a small snippet of Rodney doing his thing. He by far ranks  up there when it comes to Montreal comics and comedy in general. The video’s a little dark but you can hear him!

There were no empty seats and everybody was having their share of laughs. I didn’t get to hear Kuba Kierlanczyk’s set in its entirety, a new comedian for me. Let me know where you’re playing next! I’d like to get to know your comedy.  Back to the comedy stage was Franck Chevrier. Happy to see you behind the mic telling jokes again bro.

There’s Something Funny Going On… happens every Monday night  at Blue Dog Motel. It’s hosted by Emma Wilkie and co-produced by Rashta Kruger who also runs the open mic at McLeans Pub on Sunday nights as well.

Who knows maybe next Monday will be another Fringe Edition. Even if it’s not, there are still a lot of acts in town so you never know who might be pop up on stage! To keep up to date, join them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @TSFGO and drop in next Monday for some laughs!


Keep on the #fringebuzz!

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