The QDF has a lot in store this summer

Tuesday night, the Fringe After Dark shows kept going with the Quebec Drama Federation Théâtre Calendar Summer Launch at Théâtre St-Catherine. Some of them are apart of the Fringe, others not, but they all have one thing in common and that is the level of talent each show has to offer.

Since 1972, the Quebec Drama Federation has supported English-language companies, artists and their artistic expressions in Quebec. This is their 16th launch and here is what’s in store for you.

IN MEMORIAM: The Wake of Cheddar Fandango – Sermo Scomber Theatre

The Quitter – FRINGE Festival

My BIG GAY Italian Wedding – Village Scene Productions

Mistakes Were Made – Brave New Productions

LOTUS – Hopegrown Productions

Glory Dazed – The Waterworks Company

Whose F*** Is It Anyways? – Plaid Thursday Productions

STRAPLESS – Strapless Comedy

Brighella – Collective Productions

Julius Ceasar – Montreal Shakespeare Theatre Company

Doctor Faustus – Chocolate Moose Theatre Company

David – Le Theatre Ma Muse

Le Divan – Les Productions Lounge

Soul Doctor: Journey of a Rock Star Rabbi – The Dora Wasserman Yiddish Theatre

Ocean Opera – AhLala Productions

UNRETWEETABLE – Middle Class Comedy

Chamber Music – We Are One

Ideal Eyes Me – Daphne Lorian,

Danger Unit – Jeff Gandell

So where do you start right? What do I choose to go see? Well, here are a few of my choices.

strapless_comedyOne show that really stayed with me is STRAPLESS. A sketch comedy troupe of 4 sassy, sexy and smart ladies from Vancouver. The video promo they did was fantastic. Dedicated artists is what I like to see.


plaid_thursday_productionsAnother one that peaked my interest was Whose F*** Is It Anyways? from Plaid Theatre Productions. The classic “Whose Line Is It Anyways” with a Montreal twist. I especially love the French Game. That will be a night full of laughs. Looking forward to that!

ah_la_la_productionsMoving on to dance and light show from Ocean Opera. Nothing is more powerful than the sound of music and being able to express it through dance. the combination can be deadly to your soul (in a good way) making you feel things you never thought you could. Being able to stop for a moment and breath in that talent is priceless. I intend to do so.

hopegrown_productionsLOTUS definitely left me wanting more. Something I never experienced as a teenager, but is a reality today, is that social media is everywhere and what you put out there cannot be undone. What happens when someone posts a gruesome photo on your Facebook page? That’s what I want to find out!

al_lafrance_cAl LaFrance is an artist I want to get to know more. The Quitter sounds like the perfect show to do so. He talks about giving up and messing up, something we all can relate to.


yarn_productionsDanger Unit by Jeff Gandell. Yes! Finally I get to see it! Watching a one man show is invigorating and life altering. For me at least. Listening to someone pour their talent and soul out on stage by themselves and usually without many props, is not an easy feat. I look forward to it.

There are so many shows going on right now, it’s like my brain is gonna blow with entertainment! Totally loving it! Well I’m off to Cabaret Mile End for the Fringe Park Launch that got moved due to the weather. Music, drinks and fun for all!

Keep up with the Fringe and all the news with #fringebuzz and I’ll see you around.






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