Quickie Review: Johnny Legdick

I have 5 reviews to post so I’m downsizing ’em and getting right to the point. Welcome to Quickie Review

Yes the title alone was enough to catch my intention. After the Fringe Fir All, I was sold.

Wednesday I caught this Rock Opera called Johnny Legdick. Yes he has a leg where his dick is suppose to be. Amazing right?

He is apart of the Suckadecocka Circus Freak Show. The story is about Johnny who is sold to the circus and forced to work. What that’s not good enough for you? How about A girl who has a hand where her vag was suppose to be. I can’t make this up. They did. Who else would Johnny Legdick fall in love with? With the help of his friends, he fulfills the prophecy and frees them all.

Fun costumes, impressive singing, humorous writing and rocking music.  Unfortunately, that performance had some sound problems that intefered with the band rocking out. Still, I’m very happy to have seen this Fringe Show and left genuinely happy and pleased.
2 more chances to catch this show! Go to montrealfringe.ca for times

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