REVIEW: Mobtreal & The Wiggle Room present “DJOKES Unchained”

Last night I returned to The Wiggle Room to check out one of Mobtreal’s comedy shows “DJOKES Unchained”  hosting the show that night was none other than Paul Baluyot, and there was a fantastic line-up of comedians that night, including Andy Tenderloins, Jason Yearow, DoubleXL, Matt Shury,  and headliner Guido Cocomello.

Although there was a small audience turn up, that didn’t even effect the over-all happy go lucky energy resonating in the room throughout the night. I made my way over to a corner booth on the side and prepared myself for comedy madness. Paul Baluyot opened up our show as the host (and he was wearing a really cool cardigan that I was really getting a kick out of) Aside from his great fashion sense and charm, his jokes were also really funny and he handled himself like a pro despite the fact that it was a small crowd that night. In the beginning he tried to persuade the audience to move up closer, for a more “intimate” show, but everybody was already settled in and nobody got up. It was a funny and awkward moment, and thus the ice was broken and Paul Baluyot introduced the first comic of the night, Andy Tenderloins!

I think that by far, one of my favorite things about Andy Tenderloins is his stage name. He is a little on the heavier side and he uses his name to play on this aspect and I love that. He knows who he is, and exudes confidence. In my opinion he was the perfect comedian to start the show and hype the crowd, and he did just that.

Jason Yearow is one of the comedians whom I’ve had the pleasure of hanging out with outside of the comedy scene. knowing him personally and seeing him perform adds a whole new dynamic to the experience, for sure. Those that have seen Jason do a set before can attest that he can usually be found on stage wearing a classy suit. His rationale for this being: “If I’m going to tell jokes that make the audience uncomfortable, It’s only fair that I am equally as uncomfortable while I’m on stage…”  Hilarious. That night he touched on funny topics such as VHS porn, 50 Shades of Grey, being broke, and his experience attending private school. Jason Yearow is one comical guy!

DoubleXL always sets fire to the stage grace the stage with her presence. I’ve seen her do a set before, and one thing that she is known for is her fearlessness and embodiment of confidence. It’s always refreshing to see female comedians in the mix, and Double XL really knows how to tickle the crowd’s funny bone. She is a great comedian and easy for women to relate to with the message that she sends. I enjoyed her performance thoroughly and look forward to seeing more of her in the future.

Matt Shury is another really great comedian! His jokes flow naturally and his transitions are really on point. He is very engaging and charismatic as he hits all the highs with his amazing sense of humor, and jokes that could make even the crudest and miserable of folk light up. I can’t wait to cover more of his shows!

Last but certainly not least, our headliner for that evening, Guido Cocomello who absolutely killed it on stage and was probably one of my favourite comedians on stage that night. This was my second time seeing him in a comedy show within the last few weeks, and both times he was sporting a plaid shirt. I must say, I haven’t laughed as hard as I did that night in awhile and he was the perfect closing act and cherry on top of the comedy cake. What a treat!

Although there was a small audience turn up, that didn’t even effect the over-all happy go lucky energy resonating in the room throughout the night, and we owe it to these amazing comics for coming out and rocking the house with laughter. So thank you guys for making this amazing show possible because without you, the talent, it couldn’t have happened.

Cheers to great people, and great comedy!

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