Sam Simmons…where to start?


Sam Simmons, Sam Simmons, Sam Simmons! I don’t know where to start. He is not just a comic. He’s not just a performer. He’s not just funny. He’s not just out of his mind. He is all of the above.

When I got to the Drake hotel, the stage is set with a shopping cart full of props, a podium and suitcases. Your mind starts racing and imagining what magic will come from all of this. I had seen a 10 minutes segment of Sam last year during As Seen On TV at the Comedy Nest during Just for  and the man has been on my radar ever since. I was very happy to see his whole show. I see that Toronto is no different than Montreal when it comes to comedy showtime arrival meaning that the crowd usually shows up 10 minutes before the show is top start. The intimate venue filled up and second row is where I found myself.

The generic JFL42 message starts and right away, Sam is commenting and making sound effects over the commentator. It’s already off to a great start. Despite the mic problems, Sam plowed through them like a pro. He had a presentation board that had well…you will see. Every time he turned, something new and completely different appeared or disappeared. Just when you thought: “OK, I got his act down.” he would whip out something new. Acorns and llamas is all I have to say. What? That’s weird you say? Nah, smashing tacos on your chest… now we’re talking.

What makes his show one of a kind is that he interacts with the audience. I’m not talking just a little bit of conversation here and there. I mean interaction. Getting  a taco kit thrown at you, soda getting splashed and gifts under your chair make the show live and super entertaining. There’s something about about bread drying off sweat that brings me to tears. He not only uses his body and costumes for humour, he also utilizes the amazing power of narration. During the whole show, music, lights and voice overs come and go giving Sam the perfect “setup” for jokes and des mises-en-place that would impress any theatre actor. If you haven’t realized yet, this is no ordinary stand-up comedy hour. I’m just saying if you haven’t witnessed the awesomeness that is Sam Simmons, you need to get on that and quick.

JFL42 is going on until Friday, September 28th. Acts like Mark Little and KyleDooley, Kyle Kinane, Ivan Decker, Maria Bamford and so many more! If you don’t want to get a pass, no sweat! You can purchase your tickets at the door for 20$. Tonight I’m off to see Kurt Metzger and I can’t wait!



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