The Guide to the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival 2013

It’s that time of the year again where Montrealers and music lovers from all over the globe descend upon Parc Jean-Drapeau dressed to impress and eager to be entertained. Between August 2 to August 4, more than a hundred thousand people will soak up under the sun and grab a beer (or five) to watch an amazing lineup of live performances from their favourite bands, their mom’s favourite band, that hip-hop group with the catchy song, that band they swore they’d listen to one day, and that other band whose song is everywhere (malls, radio stations, elevators, you name it!)

It’s the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival (2013 edition) and this is what you need to know:

  • There will be five stages: the Virgin Mobile River Stage (headliners) and the Molson Canadian Mountain Stage are the major ones. The smaller ones include the Sennheiser Green Stage, the Galaxie Tree Stage, and the Piknik Electronik Stage (DJs). Check the schedule link below to organize your custom lineup.
  • If you’re looking for a bite to eat, you can always find festival favourites such as hot-dogs and poutine, but on top of all that greasy goodness, I also suggest you saunter over for a delicious pizza cone (and yes, it’s exactly what you think it is.)
  • The best way to get to the Osheaga Festival is to take the Metro. Take the yellow line, get off at metro station Jean-Drapeau, and just follow the fashionable crowd of people.
  • Protip: Don’t wear your expensive shoes and leave the flip-flops at home if you’re planning on doing some serious walking, running, jumping around, and/or busting a move.
  • Protip #2: I know you wish to partake in alcohol consumption, but do remember to bring a bottle of water to stay hydrated. According to their official website, “Osheaga festival goers may bring a clear plastic water bottle with them on site, and water refill stations will be provided.”

(Osheaga Festival 2013 Lineup. Click to expand image)

Here are some important links for Osheaga Music and Arts Festival 2013:



How to get there

Their official Facebook page

Their official Twitter page


That’s all for now. Have fun and stay safe!

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