The Kicker at the Montreal Fringe Festival

It’s 1982 and we’re on the set of The Justice Family, a painfully mediocre sitcom about married lawyers/parents. The director has been fired. The male lead is at home nursing a hangover (or worse). Ratings are in the toilet. Hope is dwindling. It’s Tuesday.

Conniving producer Don Barrett (Vance Gillis) attempts to phase out the series’ outspoken star Heather Leibotitz (Bianca Yates) in favor of tabloid magnet DEE DEE Miller (Taylor Ray) only to have the women who work on the show (Alex Brown & Sehar Manji) revolt against him.

Meanwhile, disgruntled magazine writer Mark Charles ( Mark Rostrup), sent to do a puff piece on the show, decided to take his story in a new direction that may change lives (and career) forever.

Unfolding over the long ad unforgettable day, THE KICKER is a stage comedy about the difficulties of making friends in a competitive environment, examining what it takes to get ahead in showbiz, in the press and, most elusive of all, in life.


Bianca Yates
Taylor Ray
Alex Brown
Mark Rostrup
Vance Gillis

Derek Colley
Martha Graham
Jordan McRae
Jaymie Metivier

Playing at Mainline Theatre – 3997 Boulevard St-Laurent

Friday, June 10th @ 9:45 PM
Saturday, June 11th @ 2:30 PM
Sunday, June 12th @ 10:15 PM
Wednesday, June 15th @ 8:15 PM
Saturday, June 18th @ 10:15 PM
Sunday, June 19th @ 5:30 PM


General Admission: $10 plus $2 service charge
Students/Seniors/QDF Members: $8 plus $2 service charge
Mainline Theatre – 3997 boul. Saint Laurent

The Crew

Written and Directed by: Vance Gillis
Produced by: Alex Brown
Design by: Taylor Ray
Wardrobe by: Alex Brown and Taylor Ray
Stage Manager: Saima Ahmed


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