How much bad luck can one person have? Follow Silvi Santoso’s life story in Dishonour on Your Cow – A story where she follows other people’s expectations to keep up her picture-perfect image of excellent student, wife, and daughter. It tells story about her childhood dreams, teenage years and all the mistakes, mistreatments, and memories.  But who can she trust when she can’t hold back the trauma, or when people silence her and make her watch by the sidelines as she desperately tries to pick up the pieces before it’s too late? Would it even matter in the long run? Funny, dark, emotional, and true storytelling portrays her journey to make people finally see her side of the story of recovery and acceptance. It would be an unforgettable show from a survivor that never get justice.


Silvi Santoso, known in Canada as the Asian Roseanne, stumbled onto the comedy stage after being dared by a friend to try stand up comedy. From those humble beginnings she has become a standout presence worldwide, wowing crowds across Asia, Canada and the United States. Shocking real-life anecdotes combined with a black and blue comedy style results in a bruising performance, leaving audiences laughing, reeling and ready for round 2. International live comedy credits include Detroit Women Comedy Festival, Bangkok International Comedy Competition, We the Men (New York and Toronto), The Funniest Person in the World Competition (Laugh Factory Los Angeles), Rape is Real (National Canadian Tour). Not bad for a woman just hoping to get her 8×10″ hung up in a comedy club!

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