There’s a rumble at the Royal Riot

After touring the Australian shores and making an appearance at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, DeAnne Smith is back in Montreal. And fortunately for us she’s brought back her monthly show, Royal Riot, at Mile End’s The Royal Phoenix.
From the get-go Smith’s energy and wit geared the crowd for a great night of comedy. Her approachability makes you feel like you’re hanging out with a hilarious friend. Shooting through openers covering Facebook selfies in bathrooms, visualizations of T-Rex taking a selfie, and a childhood story about a friend who is able to bullshit on a “politician level”.
Darren Henwood started the show with stories about his recent divorce and life in the dating world, a perverse neighbour, as well as an interactive experience involving an audience member and fist pumping.
Up next was Jess Salomon whose comparison between driving in her Smart car and being inside a vibrator takes a hilarious jab at Montreal’s roads. Jess established a good rapport with the audience,
 bonding over her forehead erection, Canada’s “asshole” phase and peoples’ idea of bisexuality as a made up notion like “unicorns”.

The rest of the acts were generally solid with Stephen Trepanier giving us an insight into the French/English barriers in Montreal, calling it a “language jambalaya” and popular comedian Tim Rabnett, closing the show. His overarching theme dealt with life in your 30s and choosing not to have children as well as an interesting take on the law and young offenders.
The most enjoyable parts of the show were those when Smith gave us a peak into her everyday experiences. Her closing bit about getting waxed digressed into sub jokes involving outsourcing her personal hygiene, getting emotionally invested at the hair salon, and how minorities should make fun of white people in made up languages, all the while getting slapped in the vulva by the esthetician.

It was a fun and uplifting show and a great start to Spring.

Looking forward to the next installment on May 21st.
Show details:
Next show: Tuesday 21st May
How much: $5 entry
When: 8pm
Venue: Royal Pheonix


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