Comedy Nerd Recommends: #OFF-JFL’s David O’Doherty

If you like wit, quirkiness, and can follow an Irish accent this show is for you!

Jumping right in without an opener, David O’Doherty started off the show talking to the audience to the tinkling keys of a $26 keyboard. A large portion of his act is stand up without the keyboard, but there are a few hilarious songs thrown in that keeps things fresh. The premise of the show is O’Doherty’s quest for happiness. The audience is taken along on a journey involving a pizza wheel, landing a girlfriend, finding an old Irish woman named Nell and all the offbeat tangents in between.

For those fellow comedy nerds out there who love the craft, O’Doherty’s show is a true delight. An early self contained joke, that later had major payoff certainly gave this comedy connoisseur tingles as well as the chuckles. The audience loved him, I loved him, what more do you need?

The show was at Theatre Sainte Catherine where he will continue to perform on July 19 and 20 at 10:30 PM, then his show will move over to Cabaret Underworld for July 22 and 24 at 9:00 PM. Tickets can be found here.

I had no clue what to expect going in, but man was I in for a treat and you will be too if you do as I say: GO SEE David O’Doherty!! No regrets!


If you go to the show and do the social media thing, don’t forget to #MobIt along with your #OFFJFL and/or #JFLMTL hashtags. And for more on the fly recommendations check back here or follow me on twitter @debortoa , do it.

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