The Bad Ladies and the Detective

Photo Credit: Andrea Hausmann

Photo Credit: Andrea Hausmann

Tuesday night was the premier of The Lady Josephine’s Bad Ladies and the Detective. If you have never seen burlesque or are looking to spice up your burlesque outing this time, I highly suggest this show.

“In the year 2XXX, Art is forbidden by the world government and everyone is monitored on the ‘KENSAKU System’. But, some artists escape from KENSAKU and create a cabaret show that breaks people free from the government’s brain-washing. Thus are born…the Bad Ladies!”

You are greeted by a lovely hostess who get’s your endorphins flowing with some sweet candy. Then the lights go down and she takes the stage. Yes she is Yanomi, a part of the show! Kicking off with a song, she sets the mood for this futuristic play.

What I love the most about burlesque is the comedic twist to the acts. Yes, you are watching gorgeous woman dancing and shaking their ta-tas and yet you are also laughing and genuinely enjoying yourself. True entertainment. What you may think is just a high class striptease, is a well put together artistic play. They are not just pretty faces people.

The whole futuristic feel of neo-japanese film was there. It was really cool. The transition from screen to live performance was almost seamless. The interaction between the detective and secretary detective  was fantastic. Really gave the show that comedic feel that i was talking about. “TABARNAC” has never been said better.

The acts:

Cherry Typhoon as Detective Stormy Typhoon
TheLady Josephine as Leader of the Underground Cabaret
Yanomi Shoshinz as a rebel Vaudeville & Cabaret Artist
Billy L’Amour as a dangerous Burlesque Artist
Libertine Rose as an insurgent Burlesque Artist

I have to say Billy L’Amour stole the show! Her talent, costume, stage presence and her confidence just bubbled over the stage. I mean WOW! She was in the zone! And what a perfect choice of music! ” I don’t want to show off no more” I almost fell off my chair when I heard ” I don’t want to change keys no more!” Just killed me. She was fantastic!  And of course the call back, wearing a big red feathered shawl lip-singing loud and proud her finally!

The last act with The Lady Josephine and Cherry Typhoon was beautiful. The Lady Josephine has a way of moving her body so gracefully to the music and adding the tiniest detail to every movement, making every jerk, pop or pose count.  It was almost like watching a ballet happen before your eyes.  The complaisance between the Detective and the Bad Lady was just beautiful.  As you can imagine, the detective was persuaded and The Lady Josephine  won freedom for all.

The costumes were amazing! Sparkles and sequins  frills and poofy skirts, beautiful. The music was catchy and fit with each act. The crowd was well enthused and engaged in the show. I was having a blast and almost forgot to take notes! It was such a different feel from a regular burlesque show that even wooing felt out of place. But we did it anyways!

I highly recommend this show for these looking for entertainment,to burlesque fans looking for a change and the curious! They are playing again tonight at Café Cléopatra, 1230 St-Laurent, second floor. Click here to buy tickets

Check out all the shows that Zoofest has to offer and I just might see you around!


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