Thursday night at the Comedy Bar

Last night, I was out and about ready to laugh and giggle the night away. I headed down to the Comedy Bar for 7 pm.

Sitting there as I approached the door was Big Jay himself. I said a quick hello as I do not like to disturb the artist before the show. I got to sit right up front.  Happy camper I was. Rob Mailloux was the opener and open he did. With abortion and cancer jokes. That’s my kind of comedian.

Act #5, Big Jay Oakerson took the stage and right away found his place on the stool. Little did they know, these 4 unsuspecting people from the crowd, were about to be apart of the show. He has a way of incorporating them into his set. And people who come to see Big Jay know what to expect. Be prepared! At least that guy knows what his fiancee really feels about threesomes now. I’m happy for him. I am happy to know I’m not alone to go with the flow should a dog come in to play while having sex…You had to be there.  Even though Louis CK was in town last night, the turnout was great. If you stuck around all night at the Comedy Bar, you may have seen Louis CK do a set. Lucky bastards.


That’s the best part about festivals. You never know who is gonna show up. Take a look at the 42 acts. Any one of those comedians can decide to go and do a 10-15-20 minute set because they love to make you laugh. Where and when is the gamble my friends. All I have to say is that the odds are good.
Tonight is the last night for JFL42 and there are still many shows to take advantage of.
By popular demand, they even added another Neal Brennan show at the Rivoli. 11pm. Reserve your ticket now!



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