Tuesday night at JFL42


On the bill for Tuesday night was Todd Barry. I just caught his commercial on TV right before exiting the door. The soft spoken comedian captures audiences with h witty comments and smart references. This week has been he’ll for me and MY technology. Phone not charging, tablet not responding and MY body shutting down after 2 weeks of non stop work. Yes my body is technology. Anyhow, I had to take pictures with my tablet which has a shutter sound that’s, let’s just say….it’s really annoying. Todd caught me because of this. Later on I was the target to start his bit on Tattooed Woman. Yes I clapped. Yes, I have 2 tattoos. Never until that moment in time did I see my dog paws in that light. Weird. “I guess I just don’t roll that way.” No I do not. The Revival, another great room, was full too. Something I’ve noticed the whole of the week. All shows are packed. Amazing.

After that, I headed out to Second City on Mercer street to catch a full set from Neal Brennan. He was in Montreal this past July for the Just For Laughs Festival. I saw him do a 10 minute set at the Comedy Nest. I wanted the whole experience. Opening for him was Arthur Simeon. What a sweet and charming comedian. This makes his delivery priceless. Not expecting someone from Africa to diss up Africa? Think again. He lit up Second City!

Out came Neal Brennan sporting some wicked kicks and all that swag that he gets from hanging around his black friends. Although a lot of his material consist of racial comparisons, these are bits that come out at a different angle. I’m black and I know every stereotype used and abused. Neal delivers them at a whole new level. Scenarios where your ignorance comes into play subconsciously and you don’t even realize that you’re being “racist”. I like to say judgmental. He played for a packed Second City. That was an experience on it’s own. I’ll be heading out there on Friday to see the actual Second City troupe perform. Beautiful stage, great lighting and very friendly staff. When a place has a seating plan, you know they’re in business. Even though all I had a delicious grapefruit juice, the drink list is amazing, even giving you the option to take your glass home. Cool right?!

Luckily both me and Neal weren’t feeling up for an interview. We rescheduled and you’ll see that this weekend.
Out again tonight to see Big Jay Oakerson at the Comedy Bar.
Hope you’re enjoying the festival and tweeting about it all the way!


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