Van Horne Variety Show invites Montreal to party live or at home

Something special is happening in Montreal this Friday May 15th. A variety show built to tickle most of your fancies… Maybe even some of the weird ones.

What is it?
This is a live show performed in front of a live audience, but also accessible to those at home or anywhere really, as long as you have a screen in front of your face and internet access, because it is also being live streamed.

Ok, then Who is it?
Well there are a *variety* of performers. There will be comedy, sketches, filmed segments, music showcases, porn stars, dancers, low-rent circus performers, and independent businesses. So weirdos of all sorts and plenty of fun fun fun.

Check out the complete line up on the facebook event page, and while you’re there you might as well RSVP…

When is it?
Friday May 15 and doors at 8:30PM then starts promptly at 9:30 PM.

Where is it?
If you’d like to see all the action in person, you should find yourself at the Nomad Nation pad at 129 Van Horne, Montreal, QC. Here’s a map.

Or if you’re not one for leaving the house or are kind enough to rather not risk spreading whatever cold/flu thing you’ve got going on, follow the festivities at

Why is it?
Van Horne Variety (aka VHV) was created to give airtime to artists from Montreal and abroad that the creators believe fully deserve a time to shine. They have likened it to “a cooler Playboy After Dark or better/cheaper Saturday Night Live, with the added bonus of [variety]!”


image credit: Sean Kershaw

Have I enticed you yet? Maybe if I answer the next question…

How much is it?
It’s pay-what-you-can!

This is a party you surely don’t want to miss, so come down or tune in!

Feature image credit: Eric Bent

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