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Premiering on September 28th at the Cinema Du Parc is the intriguing and captivating film by Matthew Saliba. Written, directed and produced by himself, Matthew let’s you know what it is to really hate yourself and if you think you had a bad ex, well think again.

The movie is about Yan, a troubled man that seems to have a taste for erotic humiliation. Having left that past behind, he sits down for supper with new girlfriend Elise. His world comes crashing down when his ex-girlfriend Kendra disrupts their evening and brings Yan back to a familiar place and hie emotions start flooding back. How will Yan deal with this rift in his life and who will he choose in the end?

Although not long, the movie grabbed me right from the beginning. The quality was impeccable and so was the sound. Really not knowing what to expect I just sat back and tried not to guess as I always do with movies. Then it happened. That moment in a movie when you start siding with characters and hating their enemies. I was taking in by Kendra’s crass and manipulative personnage. Her character is played flawlessly. Lisa Di Capa did an excellent job. You believe and feel for Yan, played by Jocelin Haas. You almost feel sorry for the poor boy and yet you want to yell “What’s your fucking problem guy?” You feel bad for sweet Elise (Stephanie Van Rijn) who just wants to make her man see that he is awesome. These three characters have passed through us all, at some point in time in our life and to a certain extent. We may not like to admit it but it’s true and that’s why I was enthralled by this film.  I have to say, I was impressed.

I highly recommend that you don’t miss out on the world premiere of EROTICIDE from Matthew Saliba. Tickets are 10$. It all starts at 1pm Saturday, September 28th at Cinema du Parc located at 3575 du Parc. Check out the Facebook event for more details.

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