Winners of the 2016 FRANKIE Awards

The 26th Edition of the St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival came to a roaring end with the announcement of the Frankie Award Winners held at the historic Rialto Theatre. So much talent, imagination, hard work and patience has been applied by the artists, the volunteers as well as the FRINGE organizers themselves. The Mob tips it’s fedora off to you all with big congratulations.

The Frankie Awards are named after Frank Hopkins, a key benefactor during the festival’s early years of the festival. Frank Hopkins passed away on November 11, 2015, his 93rd birthday. As Frank always did, the awards in his name shine a light of the stand-out productions of each edition.

The 2016 Frankie Awards are listed by award title and sponsor followed by the winner and the other nominees.

Freestanding Room Award for Making Big Things Happen in Small Places (L’Espace Freestanding Room)

Winner: Howie le Rookie (T3: Théâtre de Trois)
• Beaver Dream (Lost & Found Puppet Co.)
• Enough Already (Alien Gaze)
• Judith ou De ton corps je ferrais une nappe (Théâtre Moins Quart)
• Naked Ladies (Thea Fitz-James)

Best Solo Production (Solos Festival)

Winner: The Passage (Itinerant Tinker)
• A Perfect Picture (32-Hour Perspectives)
• Me, the Queen and a Coconut (Andrew Bailey)
• Naked Ladies (Thea Fitz-James)
• Shake (Becky Lou)

Best French Text  (Centre des auteurs dramatiques)

Winner: C’est Enterré (L’Ecchymose)
• Bâtardes (Théâtre Everest)
• Revolver (Z0D)

Most Outstanding Choreography Award (Bouge D’ici)

Winner: Bushel and Peck (Jamesy Productions)
• Chorégraphie qui mène à la Satisfaction/ Choreography Which Leads to Satisfaction (Nika Stein)
• Evolution (Jo-Mé Dance Theatre)
• No Means Yes (Le Black Hole/ Quatrième Sexe/ Gean Bindley art)

Best French Production (MainLine Theatre)

Winner: Se rincer l’âme au windshield washer (Le Cabinet d’Ingéniosités)
• Bâtardes (Théâtre Everest)
• Caisse 606 / Checkout 606 (La Fille du Laitier)
• Howie le Rookie (T3: Théâtre de Trois)
• Les vieilles croutes (Espace 38)
• Trouble (Le Feux de Bengale)

MainLine Creativity Award (MainLine Theatre)

Winner: Beaver Dreams (Lost & Found Puppet Co.)
• A David Lynch Wet Dream (Acherontia Productions)
• Bushel and Peck (Jamesy Productions)
• Caisse 606 / Checkout 606 (La Fille du Laitier)
• Get your Shuffle On (A.K.A. Flora Lynn)
• Jumper’s Wonderful Museum (Dey Company/ Dey Industries)
• Mannequin Romance Mysteries Presents: The Lady & the Leg (Basshful Productions)
• Se rincer l’âme au windshield washer (Le Cabinet d’Ingéniosités)
• Trouble (Les feux de Bengale)
• Ubu on the Table (Théâtre de la pire Espèce)

Most Promising English Company (Segal Center for Performing Arts)

Winner: Miranda and Dave Begin Again (Alias Patricia)
• Atomic City (Yarn Productions)
• Beaver Dream (Lost & Found Puppet Co.)
• Jumper’s Wonderful Museum (Dey Company/ Dey Industries)
• Enough Already (Alien Gaze)
• The Passage (Itinerant Tinker)

Best English Comedy (Just for Laughs)

Winner: ATM the Musical (Le Nouveau International)
• Falling Awake (RAGMOP)
• Jon Bennett: AUSSIE RULES (Playing With Men) (2HOOTS)
• Rocket to Fame (Of Mud and Mirth)
• Sh!t Im in Love With You Again (Crowning Monkey)
• Thunderfoot (Life & Depth)
• Wasteland (Sex T-Rex)

Best English Production (Centaur Theatre)

Winner: Self-Exile (Nisha Coleman)
Runner-up: Naked Ladies (Thea Fitz-James)

• As the Water Rose (Les Foules)
• Beaver Dream (Lost & Found Puppet Co.)
• Bushel and Peck (Jamesy Productions)
• Falling Awake (RAGMOP)
• Jumper’s Wonderful Museum (Dey Company/ Dey Industries)
• Shake (Becky Lou)
• The Jupiter Rebellion: A Zach Zutana Adventure (Active Salad Productions)
• Thunderfoot (Life & Depth)

The Montreal le Festival de Clowns Award (The Montreal Clown Festival)

Winner : Beaver Dreams (Lost & Found Puppet Co.)
• Falling Awake (RAGMOP)
• Bushel and a Peck (Jamesy Productions)
• Shit I am in Love with you again (Crowning Monkey)
• Caravonica (Caravonica)

Best English Text (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)
Winner :  Honesty Rents by the Hour ( Giant Productions)

Visual identity (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)
Winner: Star Trek: Discovery (Black Box Montreal Productions)

Spirit of the FRINGE (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival)
Winners : Plays By Kids ( Chocolate Moose Company), Geoff Agombar (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival General Manager) & Deirdre Grégoire (St-Ambroise Montreal FRINGE Festival Artist Liaison)

The L’Après FRINGE : 13 HOUR Award for most outstanding late night moment
Winner: THE JUPITER REBELLION: A Zach Zultana Adventure (Active Salad Productions)

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Watch the video montage of the best moments of each FRINGE day below!

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