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Wednesday night was the 13th Hour Beyonce Dance party. I don’t know when this happened but ladies go wild for Beyonce. I mean crazy wild. And apparently  guys do  too!

Maybe because It’s because I haven’t been out in a long time, maybe I’m getting old, maybe it’s a #13th Hour thing, whatever it was, it was hot! Everyone was dancing on stage and off stage. Letting loose of all that tension and stress that comes with producing or performing in a show. Not caring about if I stick this move or not. Let’s just dance.

This night was hosted by Amy Blackmore and Shane Adamczak. Special musical guests that night, the Little Sons were in the house. Four  musicians playing the accordion, trumpet, a drum and a clarinet. I had seen them earlier in the Fringe Park. Great background music for sketching the miss Lady Josephine.

Once again the spinning wheel was out with some new additions like the “Beyonce Strut” which Amy Blackmore killed and the awesome “Challenge your host” with the best challenge ever. Jedi light-saber fight. Fuck yeah!

Friday night is gonna be a super hero party. You heard me. A super Hero Party. Pull out the tights and your cape and get ready to be super on the dance floor.

See what I did there? See you there!