13th Hour: Thursday Night Edition

For a second night in a row, I attended the 13th Hour, brought to you by the Montreal 2016 Fringe Festival. And let me tell you, it was even wilder than when I had went on Wedneday.

Host Al Lafrance was joined by Shirley Gnome and introduced the crowd to some of the newest additions to the money wheel, like the “Quickie” and the crowd caught a glimpse when the troupe from Bedrock Burlesque spun the wheel and landed on it. Have no fear though, the quickie consisted of Gnome performing an improvised song based on Bedrock Burlesque’s act (perhaps to the dismay to some in the crowd).

The pant dropping bit that occurred on Wednesday night was un-matched by the amount of nudity on Thursday. Shauna Feldman’s Wilma and Nica Storey’s Betty stripped down to nothing but their tassled breasts and thong. Later in the night, Lafrance, having lost a bet, slowly revealed the hidden tassles under his shirt and proudly gave them a twirl.

Several acts made guest appearances much like the night before. Writer and director of “Origin: A Story Through Song” Caroline Gauthier mastered the art of singing with an apple in her mouth while channeling a bluesy, “I’ve-had-a-hard-life” sound. The talented cast of “Captain Aurora II: A Superhero Musical Sequel” somehow managed to fit onto the small stage, with fellow FACE graduate Rosie Callaghan at the helm. Rachelle Elie of “Sh!t I’m in Love with You Again” performed a mix of music and stand-up comedy about being a 40 year old mother with a sex life. Jimmy Karamanis of “Dude, You Suck!” strummed the Toy Story theme song, while Jon Bennett found himself in a touchy (literally) situation as he was carried around the stage while Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball” blasted through the speakers.

The 13th Hour is unconventional, fun, and always exciting. Only one more show remains on June 19th so folks, you know what you’re doing on Sunday night.

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