The Bagel Burlesque Expo 2016 Experience

Don’t you find burlesque dancers so bold, beautiful, brave, is there another B word I can add in there? Oh yes, here’s another one, bodacious, and Bagel Burlesque Expo is all about the néo-burlesque event in Montreal, the very first in the city from April 22 to April 24th.

This weekend, celebrate the beauty of burlesque in all its forms. I have to admit, as a first-time virgin audience member, I really look forward to this expo.  

So, I called one of my BFF’s Tanisha and co-host from The Kakle podcast & radio show to plan a girls night out, to experience the performances of headline performers like Nasty Canasta (New York), Red Hot Annie (Chicago), James and the Giant Pasty (Toronto, Canada) and local performers like Lulu Les Belles Mirettes (Montreal), Dee Dee Dynasty (Montreal, Canada) filled with laughter, drama and of course strip tease.

Have a listen to the conversation I had with Lulu Les Belles Mirettes as we discuss néo as a genre, being part of the biz and what Bagel Burlesque Expo 2016 is all about:

The event will take place at Théâtre Plaza (6505 Rue St-Hubert, Montréal).  Doors open at 8pm and the show start at 9pm. An after-party will be organised after the show. Stay up-to-date as I share my experience with you next week.

For Tickets visit:

PRICES in advance:

General seat: $25 + fees

VIP seat: $45 + fees

Combo for the 3 shows: $65 + fees

VIP Combo for the 3 shows: $99 + fees


Friday April 22 :

Saturday April 23 :

Sunday April 24 :


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