REVIEW: The Wiggle Room Presents Boylesque

Hello fellow Mobtreal readers! This review is coming to you a bit late, I do apologize for that in advance, but this week has been a crazy one.

So let’s get down to it, shall we? I had the pleasure of seeing an amazing show at one of my favourite Montreal venues, The Wiggle Room,  and if you candidly visit the wiggle room then you are probably aware of their Signature Saturday Burlesque shows, featuring some of Montreals top notch women in the Burlesque industry.

But this show in particular, on Friday March 7th, The Wiggle Room presented a spin off  “BOY-lesque” special consisting of some of the most glamourous male burlesque dancers I have ever laid eyes on.  I believe that this was their very first show consisting of males, and boy oh boy did these guys rock the stage.

I scored some pretty sweet video footage and got a couple pictures of some of the dancers as well. I must say, I was blown away by the grace and beauty of these performers, as they embodied a beautiful kind of androgyny and create beautiful and seamless forms with their body.

Each performer had their very own themes, all unique and enjoyable in their own special ways.

golden thunderpants

Stage Chihuahua for the night was Golden Thunderpants – Photo Credit: Rémi Riffard, Galinette Studio

Hosting the show that night was Tony Bravo, who did a fantastic job keeping the energy levels running high that night, and kept the audience laughing their butts off. He totally reminded me of an italian Borat or something, and it was so hilarious! We saw performances that night by the Glamourous and Classy Tristan Ginger, Fan-Cy Man Michael J MCarthy, Sebastian Stone, Golden Thunderpants, Adrian Maloney, and Baron Von Styck!

If I had to pick a favourite performer from that night it would be really difficult to choose. They all made me so happy for such different reasons, but one dancer  in particular took my breath away and I did confront him after the show to take his name down, but he said that he didn’t have a stage name. He was this beautiful black man with dreads and the way he rocked the stage with  such confidence and grace is what really blew my mind! I actually managed to get a video of him. Check it out!

Overall, a fabulous show and a great concept! I hope to see more “Boylesque” shows in the future at the Wiggle Room, considering how full of a house it was that night.  Thank you to all the dancers that came out and made this show happen, you truly made the night magical with your shiny sequined booty shorts, glamourous fur coats, army duds, and sweet moves!

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