An Open Letter to White Male Comedians

By Getoutcomedy
My friend recently sent me this article by Lindy West (on the awesome blog that is Jezebel) and I thought it was so interesting that I’d like to share it with you.
You can follow this link to read the full article.
“An Open Letter to White Male Comedians
Hey guys*: Listen, I know you’re mad at me. I mean, maybe not me specifically, but a figurative “me”—the type of woman who thinks she’s funny, who thinks she understands comedy, who has opinions (and shares them) about what kinds of jokes comics “should” or “should not” tell.
I speak up for women, which sometimes involves criticizing men. I don’t believe that “rape jokes” should be a completely unregulated market. And I understand that, to you, criticizing a comedian’s execution on certain subject matters can seem indistinguishable from censorship and conservatism. So I know you’re mad at me and I know why…”
By Lindy West

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