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The Montreal Sketch Comedy Festival is around the corner and I’m gonna give away two passes for the whole week! That’s right, the whole freaking week son! You get to see 11 shows over  7 days for free! So what do you have to do to win this cool deal!? All you got to do is:


That’s it folks! Well that’s not it. Over the past two weeks, there has been some buzz going on about the Conch. What is the Conch? Where can you find the Conch? And is the Conch friendly?

Well check out episode 1 below now!

I know right? Totally so! Let’s move on to episode 2

If you didn’t know what cat piss looked like inhuman form, well now you do. And I don’t recommend you pour a latte on your dick!

Want some more? Come down to Sunday’s final day and the best of the fest to see the last part of The Conch!

All the fun is going down at Theatre St-Catherine, 264 St-Catherine East, Metro Berri UQAM. For all the info, check it out right here!

Alrighty then!


2 Responses

  1. Janet

    This is a great contest! I love sketch comedy. I want to see Bring your own Juice ‘cos that’s pretty much my life motto.