Great Sunday…Part 2

So after leaving the Comedy Nest this past Sunday, I hopped into a cab with Richard Mullan and Tulia and headed out to Typhoon Lounge for some more  Montreal Comedy:  No Damn Good Comedy Show.
We made it with only 3 acts missed.
Here’s the Line up:
and your host Paul Ash
Typhoon Lounge is a great venue for a stand-up show. Very chill and easygoing atmosphere, Marty the manager, is the bomb and the food rocks! You should check them out any day of the week for a nice drink and great company!

We got there as Chris Betts was in the middle of his set. We found great spots by the bar, in the back with a great view of the stage ( and the game…GO JETS GO! ) I was a little too far to take pictures for my liking soooo FB, my good ‘ol buddy ‘ol friend, will be providing me the art.

Bradley Levandier has really come alive since the last time I saw him at Kick Ash.
A lot more calm and collected, he had a great set.
I really liked the improvement that I saw and keep that awkwardness. It’s really funny.
Trevor Forestell and Paul B. came out with great sets. I have to say what a difference in crowds but they both had laughter in common.
(That was gay, wasn’t it?)
I didn’t get a poutine this time but things are looking better financially this month so who knows…maybe I’ll have two next time!
After the show, I had a nice chat with Ash and saw some cool pics of him and people in the business.
You are the MAN, son! You really know everyone in comedy! I will be doing an interview with Mr. Ash as well as Mr. Mullan in the near future.
Stay Tuned!
It’s fucking crazy and amazing.
You rock!
And I’m not just saying that because of Chappelle!
Keep up the great work you do for comedy Ash. I’ll be right behind you blogging about it!
Have a great afternoon guys and hope to see you at the Comedy Nest tonight for the United in Comedy Show!

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