The Jo sits down with Richard Thomas Mullan

After the first Jam Rock Cafe Comedy Show, I sat down with Richard T. Mullan for a little interview.
After months of postponing and crap it finally got done!

Jo: What made you decide to do comedy?
Richard T. Mullan:  I was at the Comedy Nest one night. I had an exchange of words with a lady. Joey Elias and Silver Butler overheard the conversation. They said I was quick and I should try Joey Elias’s course. My friends have always said that I am funny, laughter has always made me feel better and I’ve always done charity work. So I said why not give back!
Jo: Where do you get your material from?
RTM: From my life. Anything that has happened in my real life I have always found humor in it to cope with it. My diabetes, my separation, my job, recently, trying to pick up woman and basically my daily life.
Jo: Can you explain what is the U.C.C.?
RTM:  U.C.C.  stands for Unik Comedy Crew. Our main goal is to help comics starting out, like myself, to practice there craft because as great as the Comedy Nest and Comedy Works is, there’s not enough room for all of us! The beauty of a group is that it’s there as support and it’s starting to launch my career. The show you were at there was 6 in the room but now we average 30-40.  It’s cool when to have a minor problem like bar staff.
Jo: and that’s where I comes in.
Jo: Why did you choose St-:Laurent to bring comedy to?
RTM: Because I grew up there and there was none. There are rooms in the West Island and a lot downtown. It just made sense to put some in the middle.
Jo: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to a crowd?
RTM: People who are ignorant to it or don’t enjoy it, don’t heckle for nothing. You’ve been there when people have heckled and I know that’s a part of it. But sometimes it’s hard. People who just interrupt you, being rude and disrespectful. It’s just annoying.
Jo: What’s your biggest pet peeve when it comes to comics?
RTM: Judging. I do not like comics who judge other comics. Even if they didn’t get one laugh, I will always find something good about it. I also don’t like the high school drama. “Why did he get 6 min and I 5 min?” “What am I getting paid?” “Why is he first?” and so on. Petty shit.
Jo: You’ve hosted and you’ve done sets. What’s the difference between the two?
RTM: My personal philosophy about hosting is that it’s not about me, it’s about the comics. I really try to set it up for them. I don’t believe in needing a 30-40 minutes of material. Yes, I get out there and break up my set to get it going, depending on the reaction of the comic that was just on stage. As a host, you have to feel out the crowd so that the comics know how far they can go. Yeah, my style is a little different, I have my dancing thing but I find it really gets the mood going and the crowd excited for the show.
Jo: Who would you like to work with?
RTM: My favourite person to work with right now is Barry Carter. We just click. Joey Elias for obvious reasons. Freddy James, I would love to work with him again. With my new dancing and singing stuff, I think we would work well together. Big time dreams: Robin Williams, Russell Peters and Mike Paterson from here.
Jo: What needs to be done in order for comedy to stay in Montreal?
RTM: Both clubs need to be more open to promote local talent. They do their best and as much as I love Jimbo and the Butler Family, we need a third room. That’s where U.C.C and Good ‘n Evil Productions come in. We both offer many shows a month for local talents and give newcomers the opportunity to do stand-up. It’s tough in Montreal and they need to make it worth staying. It’s sort of like doctors. But in my small travels I’ve come to find that Montreal is one of the toughest comedy crowds.
Jo:What is unique to your style of comedy?
RTM: It’s honest and it’s me. I don’t put on a personality like many do. I respect the style of comedy, like you, you expected some kind of persona the first time you saw me. But that’s not me. What you see is what you get. I’m caring and respectful. I can take many of my jokes further but I don’t. I can be really insulting to the things that have been said to me about my diabetes or even with my separation but that’s not me. I make it playful and it all comes from my heart.
Jo: What are your goals for next year?
RTM: Keep an average of 30-40 people at U.C.C. shows. Use U.C.C. to launch at least 3-4 headliners on the scene. Use it to raise 15000-20000$ for various charities because that’s my main goal. Personally, get 2-3 week-end gigs in the club. Continue getting paid for what I’m doing because I’m really proud that I’ve done it in such a short period of time. Continue hearing the respect that I’m getting because people can’t believe I’ve only been doing it for 9-10 months. Maybe not getting into but being invited to Just for Laughs auditions and/or Comedy Now. I’m realistic.
Jo: What surprised you the most about comedy?
RTM: Chicks dig comics…as much as rock stars!
Thank you Richard for your patience and all you do to help the Montreal comedy scene. You can catch the Tu and the Jo this Wednesday at the Brasserie L’Unik as we dick it in a box for you and judge the
Rise or Fall of a Superhero Show! Come on down for some pre-Halloween festivities, laughs and tons of fun!!!
Next interview to come: Joel West!
See you soon

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