Comedy Lounge presents: Patrick Hakeem and friends in “That’s COLD”

It was my first time visiting Kafein , a great coffee bar on Bishop street. The location was easy to spot, and had a very chic and intimate setting. It was nice to enter into a dim lit cafe from the outside world of blistering freeze, and into the warmth and inviting atmosphere of Kafein. That night featured my friend, the wonderfully charming Jason Yearow who graced the stage as our host, as well comics Steph Tolev, Kris Dulgar, Rodney Ramsey, and of course the amazing Patrick Hakeem who was our headliner for that evening.

Ah where to begin… well to start, when I arrived the show had already begun, so I felt a bit awkward about taking any focus off the host Jason Yearow as I was fumbling my way around the venue. Finally I made my way to a cream colored sectional in the back and prepared myself for an amazing line-up of comedians. A couple of the comedians that were supposed to be showing that night cancelled and couldn’t make it but that’s A OK with me because I got to see some new comedians that I have never seen before and laugh until the tears came streaming down my face.

This was my second time seeing Jason Yearow in action on stage in an intimate venue setting. I love his presence on stage in general, purely because his jokes always make me laugh and he likes to pretend that he’s a huge jerk, but in reality he’s a really down to earth guy, when you get to know him in person. Jason did a great job as the host, and kept consistent energy throughout the entire night. He went on to introduce the first comedian Steph Tolev who is originally from Toronto and was absolutely adorable. She is raw in her delivery and shameless in her comedy. It was my first time seeing her, she has a distinctly husky tone to her voice when she talks and I love that about her. I have only good things to say. Great job Steph!

Unfortunately there was no microphone that night so the comics had to do the show without them… but it wasn’t really needed anyway. Thankfully the venue was snug so the sound traveled well. The next comedian to take the stage was Kris Dulgar, whom I found to be the most personable out of everyone. When he started his set it felt like I was the only one in the room with him, and for that he scores extra brownie points from me! It was also my first time seeing him in person and he was great. I was really liking his hat choice and his gregarious persona. You can see Kris at his bi-monthly show Dulgar’s Dangerous Comedy Show at Bar Bifteck on St-Laurent.

Rodney Ramsey… where do I start? Well one thing is for sure, he’s  f*cking hilarious. The fact that there was no mic didn’t affect him in the slightest, as his charismatic nature and good projection carried him through his set with ease. Congratulations on your newborn Rodney! You’re going to be the coolest Dad ever!

Saving the best for last, the headliner of the evening, none other than Patrick Hakeem himself ladies and gentleman! I have to say to, Patrick Hakeem is hands down the best comedian that I’ve ever seen perform stand-up since I’ve being going out to see live stand-up comedy. Right up there with Bobby Slayton. I know a few months isn’t much experience and there are so many comedians out there but one thing is true, funny is funny. Patrick is funny. His presence on stage demands your full fixation, and his ability to switch from role to role almost effortlessly is fantastic. He’s really the type of guy you want to be friends with, and Patrick if you’re reading this your set was on fire! Definitely a comedy guru whom I look forward to seeing more of in the future.

All in all, a really cool show and a sweet venue! When you get the chance, check out Kafein on Bishop street for a really great cup of joe and a super hip vibe. I can’t wait to come back!

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