Seriously,Whose F*** is it Anyway?

Tuesday night, I went to see Whose F*** is it Anyway  at Cabaret du Mile End. A take on the original show, Whose Line is it Anyway.
I love this show so the right execution of is was very important to me. and I wasn’t dissappointed.  They were right on the ball.

All your favorite games such as “Scenes from a Hat”, “Forward-Reverse”, “Lines in a Pocket” we’re played. Yes it can be a stressful or nerve racking for some to say things out loud. That’s why you need a dude like Lucas in the crowd who yells out the perfect thing every time. My new favorite “En Français” is fun and it suits this city 200%. Highlight of my night was the guy making sound effect with his mouth. What a fun skit that was.

The crew of witty improvisers included
Tessa J Brown
Greg Hamilton
Lucas Ditecco
Lauren Stone
Host Kenny Streule and on the keys

The one that made the show for me was Lucas. He’s brilliant, talented, quick, funny… He’s like the Wayne Brady of the gang. Not to take anything away from the others, their chemistry was strong, a very important detail when it comes to Improv. It is probably, to me , one of the hardest forms of performance art. You never know what is going to happen, you must rely on your wit and your team members as well and even in the best circumstances and the best subjects, it can still fail. Hats off to you guys!


My favorite bit was “Saying things like Samuel L. Jackson” All you have to do is add the word Motherfucker and bam! Sam Jackson!

If you like to laugh, spontaneity, like to participate in a show by yelling out suggestions, go check these guys out!

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