In Memoriam is a hit!

Funerals and wakes are unfortunately a part of everyone’s life. Death is just the last stop we must make. How we choose to celebrate ones life or mourn ones passing, is up to us. When I die, I want a wake like Cheddar Fandango.

IN MEMORIAM: The wake of Cheddar Fandango. This Fringe play takes place at Cheddars wake. And the whole venue is invited.


The Wiggle Room hosts this show and the use of the space is brilliant. As patrons walk in, they are thanked for coming to the wake and asked if you knew Cheddar. I think it’s interesting using the audience and the space as your stage and extras. Very smart. Trying to serve drinks during this show isn’t the easiest.  I hope they include the staff as a part of the show next time! That would be great!


The show is full of harmonious a  cappella songs, dance and a funny jingle about a forgotten sweater.
Having the actors perform all around you really brings you into the story and makes you feel apart of it. They have the full rooms attention and they used it well.

The cast

Sarah Segal-Lazar as Brenda
Stephanie Costa as Connie
Nikki Haggart as Cheddar
Alexandra Lafferiere as Maggie
Nathalie Gagnon-Joseph as Eileen
Brett Seivwright as Carlyle
Katherine Turball as Anderson
Lily Maclean as Marla

My favorite part of this play was Stephanie Costa as Connie. Her character is so funny, jovial, light and I feel there’s a bit of her in all of us. She says what we really want to say.  All I have to say is “Oh Amazing Grace”. It killed me. Janice as the drama drunk was the perfect touch because there’s always a Janice at every event.

It took me a second viewing to really get the gist of Cheddar and the Anderson segments. The playful relationship she has with Anderson always ended back in the casket. What I pulled from these inserted excerpts is that in the end, death is just death. There may be another side where you eat sandwiches and tap dance but at the end of the day, it’s still a loss for those left on the living side. We must remember to cherish the time we have and the people around you.

I highly recommend this show. Lots of fun, laughs, smart writing, great tunes and above all, the celebration of life.

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