Just For Laughs Auditions…Part 1

Yesterday, I braved out into the shitty cold and snow to support our local comedians auditioning for the Just For Laughs Festival at Comedy Works! I wish you all good luck and let me know who wins!

We had 12 hopefuls come to the stage with their best material in their best attire.
Jason Gordon
The host was Tim RabnettPhotobucket.

It really does suck that it snowed like a ma’fahker yesterday. I have to say I thought about not going. But then, would I be a true Montreal comedy blogger?

BIGUPS to all those who came out last night in that shit to support our comics. I was happy to have finally met Jim. I feel much better now. You will be seeing me a lot in the new year!
Although we were few, it felt like a group of 40 peeps.
The energy in the room was sweet for the amount of people. Not to mention an amazing line-up of comics.
It was sweet and it felt good to laugh away to cold and snow.
After going through my notes the next day, here are a few that really made me laugh.
Jason Gordon
Morgan O’Shea
 Morgan O’Shea bit the bullet, especially on a night like this, bit it with skills. He started the night off with a bang! Great job!
‘Like’ this post if you love his cardigan!
 Mike Paterson had an electrifying set and gave me many ideas for my wedding. Ahhh… WWF. How I miss good ‘ol wrestling. Catch Mike at La Kachette December 23rd for Komedy at La Kachette
Bruno Ly
(Sorry ’bout your hand)

It was nice to meet you too, Bruno Ly. You have a very smooth energy, very relaxed but very present. I hope to catch your Thursday Urban Comedy Show at House of Reggae this week.
Massimo was tight in his Tony Bennett ensemble. He too had a great set. I think the suit made it better for some reason. I’m so sorry about my flash going off! I felt so bad! I hope it didn’t fuck you up.
It wasn’t even a good shot.

( It didn’t look like it did, pro.)
Dan Bingham
Asaf Gerchak
Eddy King

Asaf, so happy to see you again. It’s been awhile. Almost since the beginning of this blog. Good to see that you’re still hitting the stage hard and will catch you soon!

Eddy King had me on his TinTin bit. Holy Shit did that bring back memories of when I was 8 years old and the whole family would go to Plattsburgh for the day and come back with Payless shoes, chicken wings and “classic” video cassettes. All Warner Brothers Productions from the 1940s-50s.
Check the post right after this. I had to simultaneously write both because it is just too much!
Mike Paterson
(Sorry about your hand too)
Faisal Butt
All the comics gave it their best shot and I wish you all good luck! I look forward to the second part of this competition this Sunday at the Comedy Nest! Well I’m off to do some studying on the Just For Laughs site. Which pass I should get, what conferences to get in on, how much to rent a room, etc…
So very exciting…
Jeff Schouela
Just a suggestion…Have a good night under a warm blanky and some hot chocolate with mini marshmallows.

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