Just For Laughs Auditions…Part 2

 Yes this past Sunday was the Just for Laughs Auditions at the Comedy Nest.
Of course I had to forget my camera. ( of all the nights!) So all the pics are from my archives.
Sorry Comics!
Either way, I don’t think I would of had time to catch half of the comedians. It was packed. Jam packed.
It was lots fun.

Dan Derkson


Kris Dulgar


Andrew Searles

There is this site called Meetup where you can create or join groups of people who share the same interests as you. Modeling, restaurants, movies, dance classes, comedy and the list goes on. It’s a great way to meet people. Big thanks to David Nankoff for bringing the comedy meetup group and

everyone who came out to support our local talents.
 We had
All these great comedians bringing their best to the stage.
I have to say congrats to you all!
Steve Nash

Dan Derkson had an amazing set. Now I’ve heard him before but he was really on Sunday night.

“Swayze!” Kicked ass! If you don’t know what “Swayze” is, I invite you to check out his clip here.
Excellent job!
David Pryde
Andrew Albert

Andrew Searles had a hot set as well. He had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hands. Great job.

Guido Cocomello and Kris Dulgar. Amazing. I wish I had the nerves you guys have.
Rodney Ramsay
Ryan Wilner

Rodney Ramsey gave the show an explosive start. I felt a little bad for Jessica Salomon. Some music came on at the end of her set. It didn’t seem to mess her up but I’m sure she wasn’t happy.
You did great Jess and I wish you good luck!

Franco Taddeo
Guido Cocomello
Guido Cocomello
It was a great show and an even better night. I went up to introduce myself to Zoe Randall. I wish I could of seen the expression on my face. I was so happy to hear she already reads my blog.
I’m definitely on the right track for next year. I love this blog.
I love you, my loyal readers.
Excuse me while I go cry…

Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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