Just For Laughs is celebrating 30 years!

 This past Tuesday night, I was checking my email only to find an invitation to the 2012 Just For Laughs conference where they would announce the whole shebang! Yeah, the whole line-up for this summer. I know, in the grand scheme of the world and life itself,  it’s not a big deal to you or anyone to go to such a thing.
To me, it was the beginning of part two of this blog. Time to take it to the next level. Massimo, you know what I’m talking about. I was in a pool of unknown faces and familiar ones. Some I recognized and others I knew I should know. Names to remember, the whole hype of it all without looking to eager to be everywhere at once. I have to thank Keith Waterfield for getting me in. It’s all about networking people and I’m just happy to have Keith on my side. So we arrived with Chris Betts and Walter Lyng as well, two local comics. I went over to the bar and grabbed a glass of wine. Always remember to tip your bartender/waitress folks.
 I’m so used to being on the other side of the table, you have to tell me not to pick up wine glasses. Killed some time,I mingled and then…
 the announcements came.
 At the same time, there was the MP3 Experiment going on at the same time. Little did I know, they would end up right outside the window from the conference. That was funny. Without shame, I snapped this picture. I had a choice to make: the conference or the experiment. Well you see what I chose. I’m just happy to see so many turned out for the event.
So by now you’ve heard the big names. The Muppets will be coming to town! Yes my friends, The Muppets All-Star Gala will be the exclusive show at Place-des-Arts. Kermit the Frog, Fozzie the Bear, Statler and Waldorf, Animal, Miss Piggy, Gonzo and all your favorites will be sharing the stage with the worlds best comics this summer. You better get your tickets fast because they are going even faster. My goal is to get as many picks with these superstars to show to my future kids one day.
“See the Muppet’s ARE real too!”
My next fave to show up is Bill Hader. I LOVE this guy. I’ve been watching him on SNL now for years and he’s my favorite. All his characters are played to the fullest and he’s just a funny guy. I would love to chat with him. He seems like a chill dude. Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to run into him this summer….I will make it happen. He will be hosting his own gala on July 24th at 10pm. So sweet!
Bob Saget

Whom else is hosting a gala? The one and only Bob Saget. I remember Full House and seeing Saget as this “clean comic. Ha was I wrong. I saw his stand-up many years later and was shocked. “He’s that dirty?” I was so happy and pleased. Years later, I saw him in Halfbaked, in which I was watching today, and there he is. I’m very eager to see him. Especially since I see the world and comedy in a different light now that I am older, I know I can fully appreciate his craft. The best part of this 30th birthday is that I myself am 30.
Yeah Bouy! Call it whatever you want, I’m just gonna make the best of it! To the max and then some. Oh I can’t wait!

The JFL XXX Gala will be filled with the raunchiest, dirtiest, filthiest comics all coming to the stage to give you a hardcore, uncensored comedy show like you have never seen before. July 27th at 10pm.

Jim Gaffigan
John Pinette
John Pinette is another big name that Montreal can get excited about. I’ve been watching him on TV forever and the best part of writing this blog is getting the chance to meet these people that have made me laugh all through high school. The people that have made me the life of the party in high school because I remembered these kick ass jokes but was always too high to remember the comedian’s name. Sorry guys. So good with faces, never with names.
  Jim Gaffigan will also be performing this summer. Another guy that I LOVE. He is Hi-larious!
I know it was years ago but, Murder Pockets is a sweet bit!
Montreal’s own Epic Meal Time will be cooking hangover food before the hangover (hopefully) for you too on July 27th at 7pm!   Kevin Hart, whom I just saw on Netflix, is going to be here too July 28th at 8pm! His new movie, “Think Like a Man” just spent two weeks at the top of the box office and he is ready for us Montreal!. Usually you would have to travel to see him but you are lucky to see him this July. Tickets are going fast people so get on it if you want to see your favorite comedians.
this is my first post about the festival. Many more names to come but I will leave you with this.
Our own Eman will be at the Homegrown Comic Competition along side Rebecca Kohler, K. Trevor Wilson and Eddie De La Siepe. This is happening on July 27th, 9pm.
For all the info, check out hahaha.com for all the info, schedules and news to come.
Follow @Just_For_Laughs on Twitter for all the updates .
Ok people, stay tuned for more…
Montreal’s hot spot for Comedy!

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