I was asked recently, what is black art ? My answer was that it is a work that represent the black community by talking about us for us and also for others. It is putting us in the front line, an opportunity to share, educate and invite our community and others to a rich discovery. I am so excited about what is coming up for the next 3 weeks ! A series of conferences and performances are happening at the MAI, just this Monday I was attending the Launch Soirée and it set the mood right to keep me on the edge for what’s coming next.

Performances segment

April 12-13th
Jaamil Olawale Kosoko (New York)

Jaamil Olawale Kosoko, “Seancers” © Leni Olafson 

April 17-18th
Marikiscrycry (London)

Malik Naashad Sharpe, “$ELFIE$”, 2017. 

A brief history of the future
April 19-20th
Kapwani Kiwanga (Paris)

Kapwani Kiwanga

April 26-27th
jumatatu m. poe (Philadelphia + New York)

Jumatatu M. Poe, “Terrestrial”. Credit: Scott Shaw

Conferences segment

The conferences are hosted by Rhodnie Désir and the meetings take place with invited guests. They are a group conversation structured as socio-artist laboratories. It started with OPENING : I SEE and LAB 1 : I SPEAK, and it will continue with the following events.

LAB 2 : I DO 
April 13th

LAB 3 : I AMovement
April 27th

During LAB 1 : I SPEAK, the invited guest were Engone Endong, Will Prosper, Sarah Hinse and 2 young leaders of the Maison d, Haiti Girls Projects. Their mission was to trace, verbalize, update and rewrite to better reclaim the important speeches of black leaders. During Black.Art.Empowermemt you will be able to see artists from different part of the world present their art and message using various disciplines. It is definitely not to be missed, starting tonight with a performance at 8PM.

See you there !

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If you can put in words how you feel, it's not only an ability but an achievement. I started at a very young age and I'm so happy that I still write today! Most of all it's my pleasure to write for you guys to read ;) - Enjoy xo

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