Bobby Slayton Dominates The Wiggle Room Stage With Special Guest El Diablo

Last night The Wiggle Room presented world renowned comedian Bobby Slayton, and boy oh boy, the laughs had that night were nothing short of hysteric. I must say, I have never seen a comic dominate a stage the way this man did. Obviously 30 plus years in the business has done him a lot of good, because this show was by far the absolute best I have ever been to. I have to give props to The Wiggle Room as well, for the sheer quality of all of their productions.

Aside from being an accomplished comedian, Bobby Slayton is also widely recognized for acting, writing, voice work, and basically anything and everything under the sun. The point is, he’s fantastic, and he clearly displayed this on stage at The Wiggle Room. It seems that taking the front row seat has become routine for me at these kinds of things. As a result, I have developed a thick skin for the heckling from comics. It comes with the territory. I must say though, never have I been so ruthlessly heckled by a comic as I was that night by Mr. Slayton himself. Yes, I was (as Bobby so eloquently put ) “the crazy hot runaway bisexual lesbian broad” sitting front row. Boys, take notes. Never mess with the hot broad in the front. Especially when she has a pen and pad with your name on it. Haha.

I enjoy Bobby’s comedic style for a multitude of reasons. He has truly mastered his craft respectably, and understands the mechanics of how to please a crowd. His jokes are the perfect balance of crudeness and subtlety, as he leaves you in gut-busting laughter. The energy in the room that night was running high, and the house was full. That doesn’t surprise me though because Bobby Slayton… well, it’s Bobby Slayton, people! Need I say more?


El Diablo

He was very consistent throughout his entire set and spoke of “pussy jerky” and Christmas. (He’s a real charmer that one) He also sniffed my seat when I left to take a leak, which was rather endearing of him. All in all, this man has no problem telling it like it is, and has an innate ability to really level with a crowd and connect with the audience. In truth, this had to be my favorite show of all time, I know I say that a lot but they just seem to keep getting better each time I return to The Wiggle Room. I will definitely be seeing Bobby Slayton live again one of these days. You hear that Bobby? You haven’t seen the last of this crazy broad!

Burlesque talent El Diablo also made a surprise appearance on stage that night, and shook her tantalizing rump for hungry eyes to a personal favorite of mine “It’s a Man’s World.” She has the finesse of an angel, but is super sassy as well. At one point during her performance I almost felt like I was watching a photo-shoot for Vogue, as I observed her transforming from corporate business woman into something comparable to a Victoria’s Secret model. Not only did she kill her performance, she has a killer bod as well! What a woman.

The conclusion of the evening? Bobby Slayton for president, and El Diablo should call me.
Like I said before, this had to be the best show of all time, and a night that won’t soon be forgotten. I’m very happy to have had the pleasure of attending the show and I look forward to the next one. Speaking of shows, if you didn’t catch Bobby Slayton last night you can still see him tonight! Showtime starts at 7:00 and tickets are limited so get on it folks. For more information you can visit the official website here.

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Happy Laughing, xo

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