Comedian – Dan Derkson

Born in Vancouver, Dan Derkson has a truly wild past when it comes to performing. He has been touring around Canada as a performer, off and on, for 20 years. He has also been an actor, a musician, a director, a producer and a writer. There’s more on the way too so stay tuned. He is also currently a cast member of Montreal’s award-winning improv troupe On the Spot.

On the other side, Dan was the youngest minister in the Jehovah’s Witness church, where he was raised. Once he realized how crazy it was, he quickly got out of there and tried all other forms of organized and unorganized religion and realized how fucked up they all were. Currently, he is a member of the LeVeyan Church of Satan and is the only comedian in Montreal to be banned from a comedy room due to his religious beliefs.

Today, he continues to make audiences laugh and smile in comedy clubs across Canada! He is also the face of VisitMTL –  as Mr.Montreal he spreads the word on just why our city is better than yours! Follow him on social media and check out the video below!

Dan Derkson’s Facebook   –  Dan Derkson’s Twitter

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My love of knowledge, and passionate drive to better myself as an individual is what propels me forward and motivates me. Writing is a craft that I have been gifted with, pursued relentlessly, and have continued to develop throughout my life (among other things.) I’m well articulated, charismatic, open-minded, have a bent sense of humour, and strive to live my life within the present moment. In my free time you’re likely to catch me writing music, blogging, meditating, or dancing my ass off in the clubs!

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