DAILY HUMOR: Direct from the Mobtreal Newsroom!

Direct from the Mobtreal newsroom, here’s what’s almost making news this morning:

  • Montreal construction workers were expected to start striking this morning after contract negotiations with the union grinded to a halt this weekend. Those striking say they’re not getting paid enough to not build things properly
  • A man in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia was accused of adding his own “special sauce” to his order in a McDonalds parking lot. When reached for comment, the man said he thought his food was undercooked, so he took the matter in his own hands. 
  • Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl over the weekend, but both her and father Kanye West haven’t decided on a name yet. Reports indicate they’re looking for something distinguished that represents both parental influences equally … my suggestion? Satan Yeezus Kardashian.
  • Reports out of New York City reveal that their version of Montreal’s Bixi Bike sharing program is already facing financial woes. This shouldn’t be surprising, considering the nature of the business model: you get one, you ride it for 30 minutes or so, then you leave it for someone else – it’s exactly like a Taylor Swift boyfriend.
  • Speaking of Taylor Swift, if you’re looking for a funny Twitter account to follow this week, try @feministtswift. It went viral this past weekend and is proving to be quite a succulent digital indulgence.


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