Check out for all the latest news, shows and what’s hot around Montreal. About the Founder, Johanne Britton, and how came to life: I started off covering Montreal comedy back in 2009 with a network of websites including TuJoHaHa and JJ’s Press, two blogs. In 2012 we launched which is a co-ordinated team of highly skilled bloggers promoting festivals and events.  This new ‘Blogging Mob’ is a distinct entity, creating and publishing unique content using all kinds of social media platforms, in both the official languages of Canada; French and English… And we’re for hire. Our goal is to promote French culture and Montreal as a destination to the rest of the world. In return, we’re promoting the rest of the world to Montreal. We think that works just fine as a vision. Blog Cultural Factoid: In Sweden there is a term called ‘Bloggbävning’ which in English means: a blogquake, or “the process by which a topic explodes in the blogosphere and is then picked up by more mainstream media outlets.” Mobtreal provides this service and we’ve really started to grow! Our mob of bloggers are now independently covering the Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Toronto’s International Film Festival , The Montreal Jazz Festival plus all kinds of great street-level festivals, culture, entertainment, food & dining locations, trends & reviews. …read more Source:   

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Mobster Blogger

I'm a Polish/Australian Graphic Designer who's been following stand up comedy since I was 13 years old. I've moved from the sunny shores of Australia to the gloomy skies of London, UK and now I'm currently freezing in Montreal. If I'm not quoting High Fidelity then I'm most likely to be found busting out the 'Elaine dance'. Topic Contributor: Improv and Sketch, Travel, Nightlife and Entertainment, Comedy

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