Day 2 of #JFL42 Janeane Garofalo tries and wins!

Janeane Garofalo at the Mod Club

Janeane Garofalo at the Mod Club

Janeane Garofalo jumped right into it at the Mod Club with no opener and introducing herself with a spot on Eartha Kitt impression. Starting off with air handshakes, and then commenting on the ever present cranes and construction in Toronto (I agree, big cities need to stop hoarding all the cranes, other cities may need them). From the start Garofalo was on. From calling Canadians mavericks for getting rid of the penny, talking about Quebec waiting for Joan of Arc to come back and make it the white French utopian is ought to be, and asking about Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford throwing a festival for himself; Garofalo ingratiated herself to the audience by kindly ribbing them on Canada’s silliness.

The place was packed, as it should be. I was able to stand in the back, among a few other late comers, but only after I was gently scolded for being a couple minutes late by the friendly giant security man. Yes yes yes, I know I said in my last review to get there early, but I was late because I was getting you that review (you’re welcome).  The sound at the start was a bit crackly, but was rectified quickly. The room is medium sized in comparison to the other venues I’ve seen so far and coolly lit, rather than being plunged into darkness. This made it easier for Garofalo to spot the young people in the audience and adore their small pores and warn them of what the future has in store.

Garofalo touched on a bevy of topics, in her usual non-lineal style that lets her jump around, but still not lose the audience. Her speaking style is a trait that I relate to all too well. She talked about television—what she’s watching and how she watches it—her disgust at people living their lives as financially irresponsibly as she does, and not wearing what she wants because she’s nearing 50 and that means she has to say no to tutus with tights and Doc Martens. Garofalo shared what she considers her assets as a person: standing in front of art longer than her interest, not saying “I could do that” while looking at modern art, and being a dog lover. She did not mention being endearingly funny, which I would consider one of her best assets.

Finally Garofalo bestowed upon the audience her hopes and dreams of… well I will let you find out for yourself (Hint: It indirectly involves natural adult diapers and some people named Matt and Nina, among other things). You can see Janeane Garofalo tonight September 21st at the Mod Club at 7pm or at 11:59pm at Second City and if you managed to reserve a spot for her September 22nd sold out show at the Mod Club, then consider yourself very lucky!

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