Fa la la la f**k!

Fa LA LA LA LA LA LA LA …. Oh shit!

Ya Christmas is coming people and basically you either got your shopping done or almost done or the type of people who wait till the last minute and get the shittiest gifts possible.

No offence but come on! Running to the grocery store or convenience store the night before to grab a gift… well that shit sucks and honestly, we can tell people! Not that Christmas is about gifts and being greedy which some assholes are: wah wah I want a iPhone and your 9 years old or shit on a clown and eat it for dinner you greedy bastard but like even making a gift is more thoughtful and they are the best ….( Not really.. I’m just being nice… And I don’t have kids so fuck off I want me a new soft duvea lol )

But the point is if your shopping last minute, make it meaningful or just try if your the type who just hates Christmas, you old scrooge! A few good ideas for last minute shopping:  Make a gift basket. This requires shopping a few days before Christmas unless your local dollar store is open the night before.  Grab a bunch of cute gift bags or baskets and fill them with stuff your loved ones will appreciate. And honestly if your family is not stuck up and has a sense of humor add a little prank gift or joke gift.  I did this for the first time on Mothers Day…

And don’t give me crap people. I love my mom to death and would do anything for her so don’t say “Wow she can’t even get her a proper gift!?”Well ya I did and always do but that year I was a bit tight on cash and I worked all week and couldn’t make any stops for gifts so…. Not to brag but I am an amazing shopper 🙂

But back to the point I bought a bunch of really neat things she could use and has wanted or thought she could use and added a joke gift… I filled the basket with a cute tissue paper decorated it with bows and other cool decorations. I added all the stuff and when I say stuff its because there was such a variety I found that to many to jot down but then added my joke gift. I normally don’t buy food from a dollar store but seen this giant can of raviolli and I know my mom LOVES it so that was what I put in.  The day came, I gave her the present and she loved it.  The first thing she used was the can of raviolli! Lol

So everyone enjoy your festivities this season and family & loved ones and friends and just have fun <3

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25 name is Michelle Sharpe or the Pink Princess. love animals. The color pink, fashion, cars, sports, skateboarding, graffiti, makeup, clothes,shoes, food, horror and comedy. I am a full time freelance model/voiceover actress and part time fashion guru ;) so bow down bitches and keep living & loving the pink n fab life..xoxo <3

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